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Jackie Gillies Talks RHOMelbourne Season Two Drama; Weighs In On RHOBH Fight Between Kim Richards And Lisa Rinna!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 premiered last night on Bravo. After Bravo aired the first season on Sunday afternoons last year, season 2 moved to Thursday nights, and star Jackie Gillies promises lots of tears, arguments, and funny moments as well.

Despite all the drama, Jackie said she didn't have any hesitation in returning and no qualms with how she was portrayed.

"If you've seen season one my friend, I certainly have not changed anything," Jackie told E! News about season two. "I always keep it real, I'm always very straightforward. I could probably swear a little less. It always sounds much nicer in another language, like I usually swear in, but when you swear in English it sounds a bit more, uh, bloody awful." As for season two, "there's a lot of drama, there's tears, it's very exciting, it's more polished," Jackie said.

Look for somebody's past to come back and haunt them, leaving audiences "quite shocked." "I get into a very heated conversation with a particular Housewife towards the end. I do confront people when they're lying, I don't like BS and I don't like the lie. Sometimes when you confront them with the truth, they don't like that. So you will see me get in a heated discussion and my Croatian—JJ—will come out," Gillies teased with a laugh.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne star opens up about the new wives. "This is what I say about Pettifleur—Pettifleur, she's like a koala sometimes you want to hug, then a hot chili you want to spit out," Jackie said. As for Gamble, Jackie said she has a "good heart," but she needs to "tone it down a bit," and stop lumping people together while stirring the pot.

The professional psychic admits she's a fan of all the other Real Housewives shows—NeNe Leakes is one of her favorites and she said she'd love to mix it up with Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York City—and she's not shy about her opinions on the ladies and her desire to be the first Housewife to flip shows.

"I'd love to do Beverly Hills Housewives. Ben's always wanted to move to LA even before we started the show and I think they might need a new Jackie in the house to get some fresh meat in there to liven it up. It's a little bit stale," said the rock star wife. And when it comes to Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jackie has strong feelings about the spat that's made headlines.

"It's been interesting, but it's taken them seven episodes to get to the truth. Come on! If somebody was annoying me, I'd be like, ‘Let's talk about this right now.'…But what happened was, what you can see throughout the season, [Lisa's] really going after Kim and her alcoholism saying people need to step in," she said. "Now, [Kim's] already going through a lot. You don't know this girl from a ten-foot pole, from a bar of soap, so why are you going in there and making people look like you're trying to help somebody when you don't actually know the woman? I think that was a really low blow because she's obviously trying to work on her sobriety and to have someone come in who doesn't know you and try and round up all the other Housewives to have an intervention, I think that was really unfair. I think if you're going to give it, you've got to be able to take it because I think she just had enough."

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 airs Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Bravo