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Former Dublin Wives Star Dr. Danielle Meagher Set To Release A Tell-All Book!

Former Dublin Wives star Dr. Danielle Meagher (also know as Danielle Marr) has recently announced that she's working on her first book. Meagher's book will be a tell-all book about her life, career and her juicy reality TV experiences.

Danielle's juicy love life will also featured on the tell-all book. The controversial ‘Dr Botox’ is set to reveal explosive details of how she found out the rugby player Lote Tuqiri was a two-timing love rat who was cheating on both her and his wife Rebekka.

Danielle Meagher has found love again for the first time since her fling with Tuqiri, and he is now back living in Australia with Rebekka and their two children.

 “He did break my heart at the time,” Danielle tells the Sunday World. “I haven’t heard from him since, I think he’s back with his wife, good luck and goodbye to him.”

Danielle (37), was devastated when she found out Tuqiri was married and confronted him two months into their relationship.

She is now set to reveal more juicy details of her showdown with the ruby hunk in her upcoming book ‘Diary of a Botox Bitch’.

“I didn’t date anyone for about a year after the situation with Lote. My heart was broken and I still find it hard to trust men,” she explains.

“The guy I’m seeing now is 45 and he’s involved in exports, he’s an entrepreneurial guy. I’m now less about six packs and 6’4” guys and more what’s in a guy’s heart.”

She intends to self-publish her book, even though she got a £40,000 offer from a U.K. publisher.

“I know people might be surprised at the title, but I’m sure many people who watched Dublin Housewives did think I was a bitch,” she giggles.

Danielle took to social media to share a photo of the draft of her upcoming book, stating that she's going to reveal behind the scenes gossip from Dublin Wives and Celebrity Big Brother. "So my book 'Diary of a Botox Bitch' is coming out very soon so all behind scenes gossip from Dublin Wives & CBB UK," Meagher wrote on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Danielle Marr's Official Site