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Demetria McKinney Dishes On Her RHOA Friendships

According to Wetpaint, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Demetria McKinney is now revealing that she has remained in touch with some of the women, but only those who have a positive influence in her life.

“Those were the two I felt genuinely gave me a chance to see how I was,” says Demetria. “Cynthia is who she is; you can’t help but love that. Claudia and I were supposed to be at odds. We are both tom boys, we both have successful backgrounds, we formed a friendship.”

Despite the fact that Demetria and Claudia were supposed to dislike one another, it’s clear that their bond has evolved into something special — she even gave her new pal a spot in her upcoming video for “Trade it All.”

“Cynthia, Claudia and I are genuinely friends,” explains Demetria. “I wanted to show in the video the difference between what people see and what happens behind the camera.”

In addition to Housewives and her music, Demetria recently filmed the pilot for TV show “Sons to the Grave,” co-starring Carlos Anthony Payne and Vivica Fox.

Photo Credit: Instagram