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Claudia Jordan Shares Her Thoughts On RHOA Group Therapy Session!

In a recent interview with Bravo, Claudia Jordan talks about this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Claudia Jordan explains why she wishes everyone had attended the counseling session. Check it out below! What inspired you to try stand-up comedy?
Claudia Jordan: Well ever since I was on the Foxxhole with Jamie Foxx and the rest of those wild and crazy comedians, I was told by a lot of our listeners that I should give it a try. We really had a nice following that tuned in every Friday for our shenanigans. They would often call me "the Sniper" or "C-Murda" (that was my nickname, because I was so quick with the comebacks and they would always burn/kill my opponent). So I got a reputation for being someone not to mess with unless you were ready for some comebacks that might sting. Over the years I would put it off and say, "One day I will get on stage." Eventually I went and hosted a comedy show where my job was just to bring up the talent, and I had a few jokes I tried out in front of the crowd and I got a pretty good reaction. I just remembered the feeling of being on stage and being responsible for a room full of people laughing, and I thought it was one of the most incredible feelings ever! I made a lot of self-deprecating jokes and said some edgy and provocative things. That wasn't quite a comedy set, but I was intrigued and meant to get back on stage and do it again. But I procrastinated, and before I knew it, so much time went by that I was scared to try it again. So moving to a new city with a whole new vibe, I thought there was no better time than now to get up there and try it again. But the day I went to Uptown Comedy Club I had nothing prepared. I had just intended on talking to the manager about possibly performing in the future. So when I got on stage, I had nothing! Oh lord that is not a fun feeling! Even though there was only one person in the audience -- my girl Demetria -- bombing is the most uncomfortable feeling. You feel so vulnerable and dumb! But I will tell you what it does do -- it makes you fearless. When you try something and fail or fall short, it builds character. It toughens you up, because once you experience something like that, it is one less thing in the world that will scare you, because you have already been through it and came out on the other side and survived. We'll see though… I hate to lose so I must try it Atlanta! How do you know Luenell? Did you find her advice helpful?
CJ: I've known Luenell for years. I think I met her when she was a guest on the Foxxhole, and we have been cool ever since! Back then I was going super hard on the radio, and Luenell said she was shocked at the things I was saying. That's what made her think I was funny, and it was an instant connection. We are real friends, not Hollywood friends that just bump into each other at events. We'd spend time on the phone talking about life, and I recommend her for any talk show projects I'm asked to be a part of, and she gives me great advice and is so supportive. I love her! I knew she would be the perfect person to talk to about comedy, because she is comedy and she has never and will never see me as a threat -- she sees me as a friend. She says what she wants and is so unapologetic, and that is the kind of comedy I love. I totally appreciated her advice! What was going through your mind during the therapy session?
CJ: I was trying my best to bite my tongue and not to debate every time I heard some B.S. and it was tough! But I figured if I'm going to do this, then I'm going to try my very best to "do the work." I have to say that the majority of the ladies practiced extreme restraint and kept their cool, despite insults being hurled their way. I was proud of how they got their points across without raising their voices or firing back when they were completely within their rights to do so. I thought Dr. Jeff had his hands full, and I hope he wasn't too scarred by the horrible treatment that he received when he was only trying to do the job he was asked to do. I like how he kept everything pretty fair, and his demeanor was calming. I know I am new in this group, but I was shocked at how one person seems to have a completely warped sense of what is actually happening. I wish all of the ladies were there, including Phaedra and Demetria, because I think that could have really been a great opportunity to squash everything once and for all. And although Demetria and I are new and don't have any long standing beefs or emotional attachments with these chicks, I think some of the vets' behavior towards the new girls shows a pattern that was established long before we arrived, and I think that is important. If you are doing the same thing to the new girls that you have no history with, then clearly you have an internal issue with women in general. Well, certain types of women that don't submit to you and, God forbid, have their own mind... Somehow really gets under your skin. That is a self-esteem issue. And I suspect it's going to take more than one session of counseling to fix it. But hey, you've got to crawl before you walk, and who knows what the future holds. But I think one of us owes Dr. Jeff a very nice bottle of champagne and a huge apology! Keep it cute, boo!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo