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Chyka Keebaugh Weighs In On The ‘Rumors’ Surrounding Gamble Breaux

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on Episode 2 of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh weighs in on the 'rumors' surrounding Gamble Breaux and thinks Janet Roach is being too judgmental. Chyka writes:

"After the fairly sedate first episode the action is picking up and I just love it. So exciting! We all do some catch up’s this week - dying to know how the new girls are feeling and getting to know one another.

Lydia and Pettifleur have a catch up and I think her summary of the girls was very harsh and will certainly raise an eyebrow amongst us all. I am not sure how I feel about all this as yet, watching it all play out in front of me is very interesting!

My lunch with Gamble, Jackie and Janet at the beautiful City Stokehouse was really fun. I hope you all appreciated my helpful hints on how to keep your lash extensions clean and in shape!

See - it’s real life issues we are tackling here!! My favourite part of the lunch was when Gamble told us she had been giving us all Barbie names which some of the girls loved and hated!

I loved being called Malibu Barbie as she was always my favourite as a little girl! I think Janet is slightly on edge with the newer girls - is she looking for faults in them? Is she beginning to stir the pot?

I know her heart is in the right place but I also know her foot sometimes lands in her mouth! Gamble gives us invitations to her ‘How to host a murder' party which will be so much fun as we all love to dress up.

The later scenes with Jackie, Janet and Pettifleur looking for costumes was so funny to watch. Jackie and Janet had already filled me in about their outing together and the fact the Pettifleur wanted to try on every wig, every hat, every corset and more plus had poor Imogen running around that shop like there was no tomorrow!

I have to agree with Janet when she says she doesn’t like seeing people treated like 'the help’, this is certainly one of my pet peeves. The twerking scene was very entertaining and let me tell you that certainly won't be the last time you see that happen.

Finally the girls are happy with their costumes and off they went on their merry way after a few great facial expressions from the two J’s - you can’t get anything past those two!

Jackie, Janet and I all go to Gambles party together and the room looks absolutely amazing (thank you The Design Depot) I was really excited to meet Rick and he is a gorgeous man.

Gamble is dressed as Marie Antoinette which I wasn't quite sure how it worked back in with the witches theme, but as I said to Gamble - I think she was going to wear that costume no matter what the theme was.

Everyone made a huge effort and can I say - watching myself I was mortified with how I looked as before I left home I thought I looked great - oh well, thank god witches are meant to look ugly! I did think that Lydia's witch from sleeping beauty was the most original.

What did you think of Gina’s comment about Janet flirting with Rick? I honestly saw nothing on the night to think there was anything strange going on.

After seeing Gina & Pettifleur connect when they caught up - I was quite sure a strong bond has been forged, although seeing Pettifleur’s face when Gina starting getting bored with the book talk I am not so sure now! Is there some fireworks in the making?

Dinner was amazing and yes I am giving myself a little plug here as The Big Group did the most amazing food that was totally in theme with the evening and Gamble's vegetarian food request.

The spooky treats were the best with blood splattered macaroons, dark chocolate éclair a with syringe filling and salted caramel chocolate tomb stones in chocolate soil! Are you hungry now!!

Maybe we had too many cocktails beforehand, but when Rick explained the Murder Mystery game, (which was quite fun) it did take a while for us to understand what it was all about! Could you tell by the looks on our faces?

We had all been given characters with certain accents and mannerisms. Some of the accents were hysterical and certainly added more confusion to what was going on! After the game finished Pettifleur told us all about the book she was writing called 'Switch The Bitch’.

I think I can say we were all having troubles understanding what the theme of the book was, but I promise you, the book is talked about a lot more so you will definitely learn more about it - after finally reading it - I actually loved it, but you will see all of that later on….

The night certainly took a big turn when we found out about Rick and Gambles engagement, I was honestly blown away and we were all so happy for the two of them! I really loved watching how Rick proposed to Gamble - I found it quite emotional and so beautiful to watch.

Janet and I organised a catch up with Gamble a couple of days later to debrief about the Witches party and Gambles engagement. All was great until I bought up the subject of gossip!

Many of you are probably wondering why I did bring it up - but there had been a story in the paper at home about a past relationship Gamble had been in and the fact that it had gone to court etc.

I thought because Gamble was a new friend I would ask her how she felt about it all and gossip in general. In hindsight saying the word gossip was probably the wrong word as I had no idea where that conversation was headed or what Janet was going to say.

In fairness to Janet when it came up about whether you would share gossip with your friends and I asked the question, Janet said she didn't want to say anything about 4 times. Gamble was insistent on hearing and actually laughed when Janet said there were rumours about her being a stripper and a call girl.

My jaw did nearly hit the table as that was not what I was expecting to hear! To top it off Janet then bought up sex party rumours and my god - Gamble was furious and denied the rumours! I don't blame her and think the main issue was more that Janet kept saying that she has so many friends talking about Gamble - that's hard to hear!

Janet did not make up these rumours up and was passing on what she had heard - but as we all know the messenger always gets shot! Needless to say lunch was then over very quickly and before we knew it Gamble had gone.

I tried to call Gamble after lunch, left messages for her and also texted. She didn't want to talk to me and I felt so bad! The thought of starting a conversation and it ending that way was never ever my intention."

What do you think about Chyka’s blog?

The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena and Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Source/Photo Credit: Arena