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Chyka Keebaugh Reveals Her First Impressions Of Gamble Breaux And Pettifleur Berenger!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on the season two premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh reveals she's happy that all the ladies were together again and admits she's excited that Gamble and Pettifleur joined the show. Chyka writes:

"So.. The wait is finally over and now you have all seen what we have all been up to for the last 4 months!  I loved the first episode – I thought it was light & bright with some seriously funny scenes! Starting of with a little season 1 recap and great introductions to all the returning housewives, I loved seeing what all the ladies have been up to in their lives over the past few months. The relationships between all the ladies is very important and obviously a big focus so hearing how they plan to put aside past issues and move on really sets us up for a great season, we are all about moving on to bigger & better things.

The opening scene of Lydia driving around Albert Park lake with the wind in her hair on a beautiful Melbourne day was just fantastic. I honestly think Melbourne is one of the stars of the show and she looks even better this year. Jackie, Lydia and I catch up for lunch at Taxi to talk about what we have all been up to. This was such a fun day and god love Jackie – there always has to be tequila shots! Lydia is looking amazing and Jackie is trying out a new do! She is already in psychic mode and sharing her thoughts – I must say I am a true believer of Jackie’s abilities and just adore her. Let’s just say the TAXI conversation topics are a little….blue? But we are great friends and when we get together it’s always fun to let loose, the reality is we are just three girls chatting and that’s how we chat! Getting a call from Janet with her party invitation was fun and we are all excited, you know we ladies love a good party.

I felt very sneaky having an insight into Janet & Carlo’s birthday conversation – what is going on between those two? Is she making the moves? Is there a little twinkle in her eye? Love it. I really think they would make an adorable couple. But I can’t NOT mention it – What’s with Carlos and his pet pig! I’m sorry – Really? Yes you lost a bet – but walking a pig through the botanical gardens – hilarious!

On the way to the party Lydia really wants to apologise to Gina about what went down between them last year and I don’t think I could have laughed harder than seeing the two of them sitting in the car together saying nothing! According to Gina their relationship was ‘strained and damaged’ and I couldn’t agree more. I know they both really want to move on beyond their issues, losing that title of ‘frenemies’ and I am sure they will. But that car ride – awkward much? Meanwhile Jackie and I drove around for nearly 2 hours and literally drank a bottle of champagne between the two of us, having a blast and laughing our heads off. Arriving at the party I hadn’t seen Janet for ages so loved seeing her at her birthday. She looked gorgeous and the highlight definitely was seeing how thrilled she was that Jake was at her party! What an amazing young man who I have so much time and respect for.

Tonight was also the night we all met Gamble and Pettifluer for the first time. I had never met the girls before and we don’t have any mutual friends them so was very intrigued to meet them both. Gamble arrived first and I can totally understand how overwhelming that must have been for her – She was very sweet and I spent a lot of time with her that night chatting and getting to know her, but watching her coffee date with Gina I cant help but think- Is she stirring the pot? What do you think? Lydia and Gina arrived together and between them there was definately none of the tension you see in the car. Seeing Gina was fantastic, she is looking refreshed and is as wicked as ever. It really felt good to be back together and I felt that everyone was genuinely happy to see one another and catch up!

Pettifleur arrived and didn’t she make an entrance! Janet called her a wildcard and that she is, she is so vivacious and such a perfect addition to our little group. But in all honesty I really didn’t talk to her at all that night. It’s really hard to do those scenes when there are people your want to chat too but can’t. We then get to see the back story of the two new ladies which was fun as obviously we knew nothing about them before, and it certainly allows the audience to get a feel of them both, I just adore their homes with their fab city & sea views! They are such fabulous women and I am so excited they are part of the cast this season.

I thought the first episode was light and bright – fun and colourful and a nice way to bring us all back together. Don’t be fooled though – things start to heat up in episode 2, just you wait!"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena and Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Source/Photo Credit: Arena