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Andy Cohen To Launch ‘Radio Andy’ On Sirius Satellite Radio!

On Monday, Andy Cohen announced that he'll be teaming up with Sirius Satellite Radio for Radio Andy, a 24-7 entertainment channel set to launch later this year. "I'm so excited," the Watch What Happens Live host tells the Daily Dish.

"It sounded like a huge opportunity and something really fun and exciting to me. I ran programming at Bravo for ten years, but I've never programmed a radio channel and the idea of getting to fill a channel with people that I love, based around my's something really exciting and a huge opportunity."

What ideas do you have for the types of programming on Radio Andy?
It won't be Bravo radio. It'll be Radio Andy. But I think that for anyone that loves Bravo, they'll hear stuff that they like.

Any chance some Housewives will get their own shows?
Well, it's only been a few hours that the news has been out there. I wouldn't be surprised if a Housewife wound up on a channel. You know, I think it'll be a whole lot more than that—it's a great opportunity to do longer-form interviews than the ones I do on Watch What Happens Live.

You've often cited Howard Stern as an influence on your interviewing technique—now he's your co-worker of sorts.
I love Howard Stern. His interviews are so incredible. It's amazing to have a platform where you can sit and really get to know an interview subject.

What sorts of people you do hope to interview? Michelle Obama has always been on your bucket list.
I want to broaden things—there will be people that you wouldn't consider as guests. I want to talk to writers and producers and creative-types. My field will be expanding. So if I'm interested in them, then I'll put them on the show.

Any ideas for who might be hosting their own hour?
I have alot of ideas in my head and I've started talking to people. I would rather let you find out when I have a whole slate to announce!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo