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The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Returning To Bravo For Season 2 On March 5th! Watch The Official Trailer, Cast Info And Photos HERE!

The Aussie Housewives are coming back to Bravo—The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 has been acquired by the network and has moved to primetime. Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Melbourne will premiere on Thursday, March 5 at 9pm/8c on Bravo. Check out the official Season 2 trailer, cast bios and photos below!

via Bravo TV's press release: 

Bravo Media welcome’s back Australia’s elite as The Real Housewives of Melbourne return State-side with the season two. Businesswoman Chyka Keebaugh, bold barrister Gina Liano, psychic Jackie Gillies, property developer Janet Roach and fashionista Lydia Schiavello are back and more extravagant than ever. These socialites are joined by two new Housewives -- dog-loving art consultant Gamble Breaux, and business owner Pettifleur Berenger. Successful women in their own right, these seven ladies are seen as Victorian royalty married to wealthy and high-profile businessmen, doctors and rock stars; and make no excuses for the lives of luxury they lead.

Watch a preview below

Chyka Keebaugh is one of Melbourne’s most liked and well-connected Housewives. Creative and friendly, she is a go-getter with a quiet confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Chyka married her best friend in her husband Bruce, and together they built one of Australia’s largest privately owned catering and event companies, The Big Group. Twenty-two years later they now employ over 100 people full time and have over 1,000 employees on their books. With clients ranging from Middle Eastern sheiks to aristocracy; their clientele includes society’s elite. This powerful duo has even extended their business further to include two new successful ventures -- The Design Depot and Capital Kitchen.

The couple has two teenage children -- confident and vivacious 20 year-old Chessie and sporty and sweet 18 year-old BJ, who’s just finished school.

Chyka and Bruce lead a very social life and have to meet once a week to coordinate their schedules and decide which social functions they’ll attend. They love to travel and often combine work and play -- returning from their vacations with crates full of new purchases and design ideas.

Chyka is a fan of design, style, fashion, food and beautiful spaces. She also loves shopping and fossicking through antique shops for collectables. For four years she had a weekly segment on the TV series Good Morning Australia -– during which she talked about decorating, parties, good taste, and basically everything "Chyka."

Gamble Breaux is quirky, entertaining and definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. With partner Dr. Rick Wolfe, one of Australia’s most respected cataract and laser refractive eye surgeons, this dynamic duo live with their step-son Luke at their idyllic house on the Mornington Peninsula.

Gamble is a former model who loves painting at home and has previously acted as an art consultant in both Melbourne and Sydney. She’s also a "maintenance" fanatic -- hitting the beach below her house for a morning jog and hitting the botox for a little lift before an important event.

It’s her desire for all things "Pomeranian" that fills her day with fluff and fun -- namely her dogs Cash and Wicket. Gamble even has a porta cot set up -- turning their lounge room into a "puppy retreat" complete with blankets and toys. But Gamble’s love of life doesn’t end there. She’s also designed her very own handbag range and loves practicing the performance art of Poi by her fabulous infinity pool.

Giana Liano is a Criminal Barrister and a single mother of two boys -- Christos, 24, and Myles, 18 -- as well as her adorable Toy Poodle, Ninja. With sister’s Bettina Liano and Teresa (TL Wood) she is also part of fashion royalty. Gina’s the glue that holds her family together, and is usually everyone’s first point of contact in a crisis.

She has been in the legal game for 15 years and has represented some high profile clients, however below the surface there is more to Gina than meets the eye; you’ll often find her in the courtroom fighting for the little guy.

Gina has had her own share of battles, too. She confronted cancer with her typical determination and optimism, successfully recovered from treatment and emerged all the more determined to live her life to the full.

This year, Gina is busier than ever, having launched her very own shoe line, securing a book deal for her autobiography, and becoming the new Ambassador for the Cancer Council of Victoria. One thing’s for sure -- Gina Liano, the "professional fighter", will never be down for long.

Jackie Gillies, the youngest of the Housewives, is confident, down-to-earth and spiritual. Married to Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies, Jackie and Ben relocated from Newcastle to Melbourne for a creative breath of fresh air.

As one of Australia’s highest profile professional psychics, Jackie’s insightful, spiritual outlook and proven history of connecting people to their loved ones has seen her talents in high demand, with both celebrities and long-time clients seeking out Jackie’s uplifting skills and guidance for advice and inspiration.

Croatian born, Jackie is always living in the moment –breakdancing, singing, attending A-list parties and checking out live music -- often with her husband and talented stylist Iyan by her side. Both Jackie and Ben enjoy the good things in life including fine dining and luxury getaways. The couple own beautiful properties in Newcastle and Croatia, and love spending time in L.A. where Ben is collaborating on various music projects.

Their romance is nothing short of a fairy tale. Reconnecting 14 years after they had first met, these childhood sweethearts tied the knot in 2010 and both confessed to having dreamt about being together. Now they’re building their very own business empire. Having previously launched their highly successful La Mascara ready-to-serve cocktail range, Jackie and Ben are expanding with their alcoholic High Tea range.

And with a mantra like "shine, shine, shine" it’s no wonder that for Jackie Gillies, every day is a gift, ready to be opened.

Janet Roach is a Property Developer and a single, blonde bombshell. Having caught her ex-husband cheating online, she promptly kicked him to the curb the very next day. Besides, this self-made woman is worth more than her ex and is proud to say she can buy anything she desires -- without looking at the price tag!

Now, Janet is on a journey to discover herself and what makes her happy. She’s looking for a new man on her intensive "man program" and having a ball doing it -- even broaching the world of speed dating with her usual unbridled enthusiasm.

Janet is a mother of two boys, 30-year-old Paul, and 26-year-old Jake, and there are also three step-children from her second marriage with whom she is very close. Her youngest son Jake was badly burnt in a fire at a party three years ago and suffered third-degree burns to 70% of his body -- only barely surviving. Because of this, Janet has started her very own charitable foundation in conjunction with Jake and launched a new venture called Raw Essentials -– a medicinal tea range from which a portion of all sales will aid in the treatment of burns patients scarring.

Janet believes that plastic surgery "is a personal choice" and makes sure she stays looking her best. . .with a little help from botox and fillers. This fun-loving, spontaneous, social butterfly enjoys attending luncheons and charity events and when the snow season hits -- you’ll find her carving up the slopes with friends and family.

Lydia Schiavello defines the "Cosmopolitan Housewife." As well as being an accomplished hostess, interior decorator, cook and skier -- she’s also a devoted mother of two boys, one girl and three step-children -- not to mention her fashion-forward Italian greyhound, Figaro

With a beautiful home in Malvern and a sumptuous holiday house in the snowfields of Thredbo, Lydia is married to the renowned architect and CEO of Metier3, Andrew Norbury. Not surprisingly, one of Lydia’s passions is design -- having completed her course at the distinguished RMIT University -- she’s now applied her well-honed skills to the recent renovation of her contemporary home.

Lydia is also a die-hard foodie; always combining the latest culinary trends with traditional techniques learnt from her mother Lina, ensuring Sunday night family dinners are always a firm favorite.

When Lydia’s not overseeing her household or attending to her family, her objectives are purely altruistic --immersing herself in her role as an Ambassador to The Shane Warne Foundation. Lydia facilitates and participates in the numerous fundraising events for the Foundation and is instrumental in creating new connections and donor opportunities.

Determined, feisty and glamorous, Pettifleur Berenger lives the high life in more ways than one. Born in Sri Lanka, Pettifleur migrated to Australia in her late teens and immediately felt at home in Melbourne.

In a true "rags to riches" story, Pettifleur now runs a successful property development business -- building homes she could only dream of living in as a child. Not surprisingly, creating luxury is Pettifleur’s stock in trade and one look at her opulent penthouse in Melbourne, will tell you why.

Married twice, Pettifleur has three beautiful sons -- ranging in ages from 12 to 23 and although she has to cope with the occasional bout of teenage angst, her boys are the apple of her eye. But it is her current partner of eight years, Frank, who is Pettifleur’s rock, soul mate and constant travelling companion.

Professionally and personally, this year has been a huge milestone for Pettifleur, having committed to and written her first book titled Switch the Bitch -- which she thinks will have mass appeal to women worldwide.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 premieres on Thursday, March 5 at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo