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Scheana Marie Opens Up About Her Wedding Day

Scheana Marie is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Newlywed Scheana Marie Shay discusses her wedding wows and woes. Scheana writes:

"Now that the reception is here, let's go over what went wrong, beginning with the DJ announcing us all. Danielle knew what song I wanted to come out to. They were supposed to play a different song for the wedding party. Looking back, yes, it looks like I overreacted, but AGAIN, the song we wanted played had certain lyrics I wanted to come out to, and I had a dance planned with my bridesmaids to kick off the night. The DJ announces "Mr. and Mrs. Shay" and then the lyrics "Baby you light up my world like nobody else" come on, and that’s the special moment I wanted. We played the song again, and it was totally fine and fun! Our first dance was a full slow dance, but we wanted to get the party started immediately and mix it up after and not make it all sappy. I like to dance, and I like to have fun! We just wanted to do a little something that would make people laugh, not cry, and literally get the dance party started.

I thought once we got past that, what else could go wrong? Everything was running smoothly, and I was having so much fun. All of a sudden, I start looking around and it appears that 50% of my guests had left. I got really worried that the reception was almost over, and I hadn't even tossed my bouquet yet. One thing I designated was for there to be 30 minutes of the reception to do a "dollar dance." Now, this wasn't about the actual dollar. This was about having time for everyone to come up to me and have a dance. This is something everyone in my family has always done, and I was really looking forward to it. It was supposed to happen immediately after the father/daughter and mother/son dance. I didn't realize that it didn't happen right then, because I was so emotional after the dances, I wasn't even thinking.

I also heard that Shay had a special surprise for me at the reception. He had a song prepared that he wanted to sing for me, and it never happened. My wedding coordinator was nowhere to be found, and no one would tell me what time it was. I didn't have a watch or my cell phone. One thing after another wasn't happening, and I wasn't happy. I have to say if it wasn't for Ariana in that moment and my amazing husband, I feel like my night would've been ruined at the end. She picked me up when I was down and is the best friend and bridesmaid I could've ever asked for. It was absolutely beautiful and ended up being a perfect night.

The following morning I woke up having had very little sleep, a cleaning order, then I found out my card box had been misplaced and ripped open. Danielle said she put it in my room, but it was never there. Maintenance found it at the reception site, torn open with cards and envelopes all over. This was very unfortunate and very upsetting. Lastly, thanks Jax--I did have a cleaning crew but they weren't for the house (that was my responsibility), and I wasn't aware that the fountain couldn't have flowers placed in it, so we needed to clear those out. All in all, it was a FANTASTIC wedding, and I'm thrilled that I've gotten to share it with so many people! In a lot of ways, it was perfect, and I wouldn't have changed a thing...other than my coordinator."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo