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Scheana Marie On Her Wedding: It Was The Best Day Of My Life

Scheana Marie is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Scheana talks about her wedding day and the hiccups along the way. Scheana writes:

"I have to say this was the absolute BEST day of my life--with a few hiccups! Looking back now, I hate how upset and frustrated I got at several points throughout the day and night. Starting with forgetting Shay's present and having Kristen as my only option to pick it up for me--it was a "lifesaver" moment for me.

Everyone else who lives by me had already left or was already at the venue. She was friends with one of the makeup artists there and had already reached out to her to do her makeup once the bridesmaids were done. This was arranged to happen after all of us girls left the house as to not upset my best friend and bridesmaid Ariana. I didn't want her uncomfortable that day at all, so I did my best, but Kristen showed up when we were still at the house. Whatever. I couldn't deal with the stress of trying to separate them. We left shortly after and everything was fine.

As I watched the episode back, it brought back a lot of feelings: happy feelings, frustrated feelings, and everything else on the spectrum. It wasn't perfect. It was unrealistic to think everything would go exactly as planned. All of those minute details don't even matter anymore, although at the time, they did! All that matters is that I married my best friend and the love of my life. However to explain my "bridezilla moments" as my wedding coordinator has said about me, here we go:

Leading up to the wedding, Danielle was amazing. She had everything down and was always available for me. The day of, however, she bit off more than she could chew, from not having my in-laws walk Shay down the aisle, so that he had to walk out solo, to not making sure Tina had the proper cue when to begin the song. My ring bearers never even made it down the aisle. Very sad. This was when it started to get bad for me. I'm ready for the most important day of my life and on time, yet no one else is. Three hundred guests sitting in smoldering heat without water, which my wedding coordinator also forgot to put out.

I was beginning to get more and more frustrated. Standing in a storage closet waiting and wondering what is going on? Finally I made it out of the house, I'm regrouping, fixing the last details with my train and I hear my song start. Who gave Tina the cue to start singing? The ring bearers hadn't even walked out yet! Right when I heard my song, I freaked out. I wasn't in place yet to walk out. There's a certain part in the song when the lyrics say "take my hand," and at that point my dad has just given me away, and I take Shay's hand. If the song had already started, I wouldn't even make it there by the end. I waited and let her sing it again. And honestly, she has such an insanely beautiful voice that hearing the song twice was calming to me and prepared me for the best moment of my entire life. Once I came out and saw Shay's face, every moment of frustration just melted away. I was in the happiest place I've ever been in in my entire life. The ceremony was absolutely perfect in every way possible. The words I have dreamed of hearing my entire life..."You may now kiss your bride.""

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