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RHOCheshire Stars Explain Why They're Different From Other Reality Shows

Dawn Ward, Lauren Simon and Leanne Brown recently sat down with Beamly UK and dished about the Real Housewives of Cheshire. The ITVBe reality stars explained why they're show is different from the American Housewives series and TOWIE. Check it out below!

Why do you think the Housewives of Cheshire is better than those of Atlanta etc?

Leanne: “There has been drama but it has got that northern humour too. It does have some warmth. I haven’t laughed as much at the other Housewives shows as I have while watching this. It gets better and funnier. We don’t realise how funny we are.”

Dawn: “We’re all normal nice people. You’ve got warmth, humour and I think even with all the big back drops people can relate to us. You will find something in common with one of us, at least. It’s been a journey; crying, laughing and the friendship dynamics just change. One thing I didn’t know is that I could love a friend as much as I love Leanne, but I do.”

You talk a lot about glamour. Do you think the show is similar to TOWIE?

Dawn: “No, it’s young people. We’re housewives and we’re older.It’s a completely different brand, it’s just really different.”

Lauren: “And we’re married.”

Leanne: “From the glamour side of things, obviously our brand is really glamorous.”

Lauren: “Sometimes I overdo it. You don’t realise how much make-up you have on and then you put it on and realise that you have a whole gold face.”

Dawn: “At the ITV launch the TOWIE girls were there – they were lovely and they said that the glamour for the night goes to the Real Housewives.”

What do you think might be the biggest misconceptions that we have of you that might be disproved as the series goes on?

Lauren: “I’m not a snob!”

Yes, you did get some stick about a comment you made about Bolton…

Lauren: (Lauren said “You don’t choose to go and live in Bolton” during the show’s initial trailer) I have salons in Bolton. I love the people of Bolton, I have cut the hair of lots of people who are from Bolton. So I don’t know why that came out – I’ve got the brain of a newt.”

The Real Housewives of Cheshire airs Monday nights at 10pm on ITVBe

Photo Credit: ITVBe