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RHOCheshire Episode 4 Recap: The Emperor's Old Clothes

By Chris Adelaide

Welcome back to Cheshire! Can you guess who everyone is talking about AGAIN this week?  Yes the ladies are using Magali as target practice yet again, and four weeks in, it's really getting old. It's actually boring me now, so this recap is going to be pretty short and probably not that sweet.

First up with dart practice is Bland Leanne, who stops by Tanya's to divulge the details of her fight in the bathroom with Magali the night before. As always, she arrives with only half the truth, and if I was hungover Tanya, I would have advised her to 'get a life' and slammed the door in her face. Leanne fills her in and says that Magali went crazy, screaming about 'reputation' - a word both Tanya and myself are already sick of hearing. The only thing she can guess Magali is talking about is the fact that Leanne used to be a 'table dancer' fifteen years ago, which she isn't ashamed of. No Leanne, Magali wasn't referring to anything because YOU brought up that dreaded word 'reputation' first and all she did was respond with the same thing back to you, and now you've outed yourself as an ex table dancer, not Magali.

Meanwhile, in the land of reality and interesting people, Magali and Lauren are doing a little shopping. Lauren's brought pet rabbit Sweetie along and Magali is as shocked as us that she's on a lead, but Sweetie is adorable and it's clear animal loving Lauren takes care of her amazingly. Lauren doesn't know about the fight that took place at Tanya's book launch, so she's dying to hear what happened as Magali reveals all about Leanne's bitter outburst. She's pretty shocked that Leanne would do such a thing as she seems so content in her life, but Magali is sick and tired of defending herself against ridiculous accusations thrown at her - first from Dawn and now her pet Leanne. Despite their fight, Magali refuses to reveal anything about Leanne's reputation to Lauren because she respects her family and husband too much, meanwhile Leanne seemingly  continues to trash Magali to any and everyone in Cheshire that listens. "She's a clown and I'm not joining the circus," Magali muses when Lauren suggests she meet up with Leanne and hash out their differences, and all I can wonder is if Dawn uses the same brand of pet lead on Leanne as Lauren uses for Sweetie.

Leanne stops by at Dawn's house on her way home from telling everyone in Cheshire that Magali uses the word 'reputation', and informs her that she's hosting a charity event for a cause called Once Upon A Smile. She's wanted to host an event for a long time and the women that are invited can bring clothes they no longer want to be sold for the charity. It's actually a very worthwhile cause, though I can't help but wonder if it took so long for the event to happen because she had to seek Dawn's permission first. Leanne mentions that she spoke to Darby about the fact Dawn needs a hysterectomy, and Dawn again promises she will get it done in her own time, but she's hesitant as she may want another child in the future. Her husband Ashley isn't so sure he wants more children and he just wants her to get the treatment she needs, after all they do already have four.

Ampika and Lauren meet at an animal sanctuary, though the wildest thing around may be Ampika's Scary Spice outfit! Whilst playing with rabbits and trying to decide which one Lauren could sneak home, they discuss their relationships and how surprisingly close Ampika still is to her ex. They get on well and she still loves him, though she isn't in love with him. Ampika then queries how Lauren and Paul are doing in their fiery marriage. Lauren seems hesitant to respond and Ampika sees that as Lauren being guarded, but to me, their relationship is just their business, so as long as they're happy they shouldn't have to answer to anyone.

Following the book launch drama, Tanya has invited Magali to lunch to get her side of the story as she doesn't like to see Leanne upset. Tanya feels that Magali is a force to be reckoned with and she is slightly terrified of her, but from what we can see, Magali is genuine and reacts only when she is bad mouthed by the other women.

The lunch starts on a good note, with Magali apologising to Tanya for the fight taking place at her event, and Tanya is understanding and says that Leanne told her about Magali revealing her 'reputation' - yes that word again. Magali is not willing to divulge anything about Leanne's past as she does not want to hurt anyone because it's not worth it. Tanya feels they should both just let it go, but Magali is clear that she won't be apologising when she hasn't done something wrong. She feels like the girl at school, left out by the mean girls and that's how it comes across to me too.

It's the day of Leanne's charity event, and Magali and Dean are busy cooking at home, when he asks how the dinner with Tanya went. Magali was pleasantly surprised that Tanya made the effort to try to get to know her and hear her side and is genuinely impressed that she wants to fix things. Dean guides Magali to go to the event and try to make peace with Leanne, but aside from supporting the charity, Magali feels it just wouldn't be right to go. Regardless of whether Magali goes or not, it's pretty clear they'll still be talking about her anyway. It's all some of these women ever do.

The charity event is in full swing as all of the women, minus Magali, arrive, and despite Leanne saying she doesn't want any drama on her big day, she can't help but pounce on Lauren as soon as she walks in, and ask her if she's spoken to Magali. Magali has chosen not to attend the event, and Lauren says that her friend has said nothing but good things about Leanne until Leanne attacked her, so unlike some, Magali is not spreading idle gossip around Cheshire. Tanya says the argument is between Dawn and Magali, but Lauren points out that those two have resolved it, so who could have caused the argument? I think we all know the answer to that. Leanne's pretty glad Magali didn't turn up, and as a viewer I am too, because this continued attacking of one person has been tiresome from the very first episode. If I was Magali, I would avoid mean girls like Leanne and Dawn like the plague.

The champagne is flowing, and Tanya confides in Leanne that she fears she may be pregnant. She's experiencing stomach problems, her breasts are sore and she's hoping it's not what is happening as she's only just getting over her last pregnancy. Meanwhile, babies are on Ampika's mind too, as she starts to wonder if she has made a big mistake by leaving ex-husband Mark. She feels guilty and is desperate to have another child, but Dawn feels she is thinking about things too deeply, after all, she wants another child too. Dawn just can't help but make any situation about herself, and shifts the conversation to the fact she plans to have her eggs frozen so she can have another baby in the future, and Ampika is stunned. She can't believe Dawn would be so selfish and insensitive, especially when she already has four children. "I'm at the right age to have one, I'm not kicking nearly fifty!" Ampika tells us in her confessional, and a whole nation rose from their seats and gave a round of applause.

Thank you Ampika, it's nice to see it isn't just Magali that's willing to speak up against Dawn!

Next time: "Magali. Magali. Magali". "Reputation. Reputation. Reputation."

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