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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Season 2, Episode 1 Spoilers!

The second season of the Real Housewives Of Melbourne is less than two weeks away from its premiere - had to opportunity to see the first episode and released a list of facts containing many spoilers. If you can't wait until February 22 and want to know what to expect from the first episode of the upcoming second season, then check out the spoilers below!

Please note the following contains  MANY SPOILERS, you've been warned!  

1. The Housewives have got new taglines:

Gina: “I deal in fact, not fiction.”
Lydia: “I love tradition, but I’m not a traditional housewife.”
Janet: “Some people have ups and downs, I have roller-coaster rides.”
Jackie: “Make light of me all you want, but I’m still going to shine.”
Chyka “Style is an attitude, not something you can buy.”
Gamble: “Gamble on me and you’re sure to win.”
Pettifleur: “This little flower is no shrinking violet.”

2. Janet’s still a single cougar on the prowl and she’s got her eyes set on party boy pal Carlos. The only catch? He owns a pet pig who shares his bed.

3. Gina drops the “C” word, again! While she claims it’s a joke, it doesn’t take long for her to drop the controversial word.

4. Gamble is her real name. Also, the blonde newcomer has a Pomeranian called “Cash”, met her partner on E-Harmony and claims her life motto is “to calorie count”.

5. Pettifleur is also her real name and the self-made property developer’s outspoken manner rubs a few of the housewives up the wrong way within minutes of meeting them.

6. Jackie is likely to go off after watching episode one… when she hears one of the women declare: “I don’t believe in psychics.”

7. The ice is yet to thaw out for some of the Housewives: You will witness potentially the most awkward limousine ride in history as two of last season’s “frenemies” reunite for the first time.

8. Lydia unveils a new jewelry acquisition - A handcrafted “wow” necklace but of course.

9. There’s a party: Janet kicks off the social gathering calendar with her birthday party this season

10. The drama’s back - By episode’s end a rumor will have started, a new friendship is born and an old one looks set to be on the rocks.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 premieres on Sunday, February 22 at 8.30pm on Arena!

Photo Credit: Foxtel