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Mia Claman Confirms She's Expecting Her First Child

Mia Claman, daughter of  Real Housewives of Vancouver's Jody Claman took her Instagram page to announce that she's pregnant! The former reality star revealed that she’s in her third trimester and she's due in late April!

The former blonde bombshell turned brunette shared her baby bump on Instagram with the caption, “Thought I would be truthful on how big I actually am… hiding bump under a puffy dress confused a few people if I was pregnant or not… #thirdtrimester#iamthesizeofahouse.”

After a fan congratulated her, Mia responded the following, “I am [due] end of April so he will probably be a Taurus.”

She used the word he, so it's safe to assume that she's having a boy?!

Mazel to Mia, I'm sure she's going to be an excellent mother, and we all know Jody is going to fabulous grandmother. Big shout out to Alexander Hagg for the info!

Photo Credit: Slice, Mia Claman's Instagram