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Lisa Rinna Reveals Her Husband Harry Hamlin Nearly Divorced Her When She Signed On RHOBH!

Lisa Rinna reveals she came very close to not joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after her husband, Harry Hamlin, threatened to divorce her if she appeared on the Bravo hit reality show.

While appearing on Live! with Kelly and Michael, the former Melrose Pace star dished that her successful gig almost cost her marriage.

"I went to Harry and said I'm thinking about [doing RHOBH] and he looked at me and said, 'If you do this show, I'll divorce you,'" said Lisa.

"I walked away and was done with it," she said. "Actually, I was done with the show idea. And he comes to me a day later and he goes—and you've met him, he's very mellow…very low-key—and he said, 'I've thought about this and I think it'll be a good idea if you did it.' He went through it. And I was like 'Okay.' And there you are!"

It's a decision she doesn't seem to regret as she calls the show "a lot of fun," even though she admits one of the most challenging aspects is putting all of her emotions on display. "For me, as I was growing up I was told not to have feelings. You don't say how you feel about anything," she said. "Doing a show like this, you have to think out loud, you have to have an opinion. It's freed me in a sense. I've become this truth-seeking monster!"

To that end, Lisa has discovered that she takes pleasure in filming the show's confessionals. "I quite like doing them. I can really say how I feel. I like it! Isn't that weird?" she said. "Sickly, [but] I like it."

Watch the full interview below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo