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Kyle Richards On Brandi Glanville: “She Just Wants To Put Things Out There About Everyone Else To Distract From Her Own Behavior”

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle wishes Kim would have stuck up for her in front of Brandi. Kyle writes:

"We pick up where we left off last week at the Gay Mixer. When Brandi once again brought up Kim's late night calls to her, I said, "Oh, do you want to elaborate? " I didn't say that for Brandi to answer, I said it to make the point that I felt Brandi was compromising Kim's calls to her in order to get credit that she seems to be desperately seeking. Brandi cares more about announcing that she is there for Kim than respecting her privacy. It was wrong for Brandi to keep saying that Kim calls her late at night. I wasn't understanding why Kim wasn't seeing that. Brandi wasn't being a friend by bringing this up over and over again. Unlike Brandi, I don't need to announce or seek credit for being there for someone.

When I sat down with Lisa V., Lisa R., and Eileen, I was overcome with emotion. When Lisa V. said, "Now you know how I felt," I snapped at Lisa. I am happy that Lisa V. and I are in a good enough place that she can understand I was just upset. And we can hug and it's over. I appreciated Lisa's support and was too upset to acknowledge it in the moment.

At this point, I just wanted to get back to my friends and start having the fun that I set out to have with people that I care about and who care about me.

Eileen invited us to the Burbank Film festival. We all joked about it (Eileen included), but all joking aside, Eileen did a great job, and I was happy to have a night out with these four women. We laughed the entire night and it was just what the doctor ordered after the last few nights out we've had.

Seeing Lisa V. and Pandora discussing Max wanting to find his biological family was so touching. I can only imagine as a mother what Lisa was feeling--and Pandora as a sister.

When Max went to Lisa with the results of his heritage and discussed his biological mother, I had a nervous stomach for Lisa. I can appreciate his curiosity and her apprehension. but Lisa is right: She is his mother, and nobody can take that away from her.

As I sat and watched Yolanda try to talk some sense into Brandi, I was shocked to hear Brandi's LOW BLOW regarding Bella. Once again, Brandi pulls out her dagger in order to deflect. NOBODY has been saying that Bella is an alcoholic. Another lie to distract from what Yolanda was trying to do...discuss Brandi's drinking and behavior. Bella is a 17-year-old child that made a mistake. A big mistake, yes, but nobody has ever thought or said she is an alcoholic. Brandi also said, "I wasn't drunk and Kyle was." Well, we had only been there for about 10 minutes before Kim and Brandi walked in. Another way to deflect. I'm not saying Brandi was drunk that night. I don't believe she was, but she just wants to put things out there about everyone else to distract from her own behavior. I think there are a few words Brandi should probably refrain from accusing other people of being...reckless, drunk, or inappropriate.

Eileen asked Kim and me to join her for lunch, so we could sit down and talk with a neutral party. I really appreciated her offer. I don't think Kim and I would have done it on our own. I was very nervous and emotional, because we hadn't spoken since our argument at Nic's, and it's difficult to have these intimate conversations in front of cameras.

I was extremely frustrated and struggling with what I can and cannot say, because there is so much history between us. Long before The Housewives.

We had come so far and had been getting along so well until Eileen's poker night. Then I thought we were OK once again after our conversation at Kim's when she got out of the hospital.

At lunch with Eileen, Kim said I always try to put her in the middle. I didn't want her to get in the middle of Brandi and me. I just wanted her to speak up and tell the truth. Maybe say what she says to my face. If Kim says that I have been there for her and been a good sister but Brandi doesn't know that, then maybe that night would have been a good time for Kim to let Brandi know. Or maybe she could have spoken up when Brandi made the rude comment about my husband OR when she said she wanted to punch me in the face. Kim said in her interview that she didn't like Eileen saying anything about Brandi, because she doesn't like when people talk about people she loves. What about how Brandi has spoken to and about me? It's hurtful and frustrating beyond belief. Although I sincerely appreciated Eileen's offer to help Kim and me patch things up, we didn't seem to be doing a very good job at it. Sadly, we left there no better off then when we arrived.

As I sat and watched Lisa Rinna sit down to talk with Brandi, attempting to have a similar conversation that Yolanda attempted to have with her, Brandi somehow spun it to turn into a conversation about Kim. Brandi says if Kim knew they were talking about her sobriety, she would die. Yet Brandi KNOWS cameras are there and that Kim will eventually see this. Why would Brandi have this conversation with Lisa Rinna, behind Kim's back, on camera instead of going to Kim directly if she had legitimate concerns? As you will see down the road, this proves to be a pivotal moment.

Thanks for watching ."

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