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Janet Roach Reveals She's Ready To Start Dating Again

Real Housewives of Melbourne star Janet Roach, who has been married twice, says she's looking for someone different to her previous husbands. The 56-year-old property developer says she does have an issue with age when it comes to finding a man.

'I've been married twice, I no longer have a body clock that says I want a child because I've had a family, I can support myself',' Roach tells the Daily Mail Australia.

'The sort of person I would be looking for would be very different to someone I've been with in the past, and that particular person has not presented themselves at this stage.'

She also added: 'I'm probably looking too much.'

When asked if she cares about age, she said: 'I don't know what the age cut off is, I do see a man that's about 35 but there's an issue with that.

'He has two very small young children. There's absolutely no way that I'm doing three and five-year-old children again. I bought up my second husband's children.

'I just really am not sure what I'm looking for. I want to spend a bit of time properly looking and try and work it out.'

Janet's own children 30-year-old Paul and 26-year-old Jake and her three step-children don't care for the publicity their mother is receiving.

'No, my children don't like it. If I go out and somebody asks for a photo they get upset. 'I tend to say "Oh, I'm not her! Everybody says I look like her!"'

Photo Credit: Foxtel