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Former Real Housewives Of Vancouver Star Reiko MacKenzie Launches Gluten-Free Beer!

Former Real Housewives of Vancouver star Reiko MacKenzie is keeping herself  busy by launching a gluten-free craft beer called Corsa, which means 'race' in Italian. “I am blessed and I am loving this new Reiko that’s emerging,” said the mother-of-two.

MacKenzie opens up about motherhood and her gluten-free lifestyle.

“As a mother we always do what’s best for our kids,” MacKenzie tells The Province. “The best accomplishments of my life, my girls inspire and amaze me daily, they are my reasons for working really hard at everything I do, they watch my every move. I have to be a good example.” she said.

MacKenzie explains how being on RHOV changed her for the better.

“It put me in the spotlight which allows me to do positive things in life.” MacKenzie is very involved in a few charities but the two closest to her heart are Courage Canada, which is bringing awareness to children living with blindness, and Qmunity because she wants her daughters to grow up in a world free of prejudices.

Courage Canada: “Donate, sponsor, or contact us to find out how you can join the Courage Canada movement and help us in our mission of “bringing the blind to the ice, one stride at a time.”

QMunity: “Can offer a wide range of experiences. Whether you’re looking for opportunities to give back, connect, or grow personally or professionally, getting involved here is a valuable and important contribution to our QMunity.”

Corsa beer is currently available in Vancouver, for more information please visit

Photo Credit: Slice