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Eileen Davidson Questions Brandi Glanville And Kim Richards' Friendship

Eileen Davidson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen questions Brandi and Kim's friendship and wonders why no one else is seeing red flags. Eileen writes:

"Happy Valentine's Day Week. I hope yours were filled with lots of love!

When Brandi had lunch with Lisa R. last week, Brandi said she thought Kim was in a bad place and extremely vulnerable. She even agreed when Lisa R. brought up the possibility that an intervention might be needed. That's a pretty big admission to make about your friend who is in recovery. She also intimated that certain questionable things had taken place concerning Kim. That leaves a lot to the imagination, and my antennae went up immediately.

This week, Brandi's friend Jennifer, who happens to be an addiction specialist, says Kim taking someone else's meds is a HUGE red flag. She asks if Kim has a sponsor and is getting the support she needs. Since Kim and Brandi are close friends, why isn't Brandi encouraging Kim to see a therapist or making sure that she has a sponsor? Brandi seems to think that Kyle doesn't want to help Kim, leaving Brandi as Kim’s only support system. If that's true, why isn't she getting more actively involved?

Kim says she doesn't have the "warm and fuzzes" for me because of my involvement in this matter. I guess she feels I crossed a line by taking her and Kyle to lunch and trying to help them mend fences and questioning her friendship with Brandi. I get that. The only problem is that twice in the last couple weeks, Kim has exhibited disturbing behavior in my home. First, at my poker party, and now in my kitchen after the table read. She very freely expresses that she needs support, because she doesn't want to go into "that dark place" again. Honestly, I respect Kim's private business, and I would prefer not to get involved. Saying that, am I supposed to turn the other way and pretend I don't see what I see? At this point I feel like I have a moral obligation to do and/or say something. Lisa R., who has a seen a lot of addictive behavior in her life, feels the same way.

At Lisa Vanderpump's surprise birthday party, which was just lovely, by the way, I felt like it was important to give Kyle the heads up about the conversation Lisa R. and I had had about Kim. I know her relationship with Kim is on shaky ground and she is afraid to possibly do or say something that will only further alienate her.

This is an undeniably tricky situation. Kim seems to be in some kind of trouble with her sobriety, or, at the very least, is in a very vulnerable place in her life. She is at odds with her sister Kyle, who is hesitant to go down this road again. Her best friend, Brandi, seems to see all the red flags but isn't actively doing anything about it. Lisa V. and Yolanda haven't really seen Kim's behavior. Then, there's Lisa R. and myself, neither one of us is close with Kim, but we are both troubled by what we've seen. What does one do? I see how my "butting my nose" into Kim's affairs might piss her off. Frankly, I'd rather say something and risk a potential friendship than do nothing and risk a life."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo