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Details Inside The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 5 Reunion Taping!

Last week, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filmed their infamous reunion to rehash all the drama what went down this season. Find out what really went down on the RHOBH reunion below!

Despite rumors, Yolanda did attend, but she didn't stay the whole time. As we all know, the reality star is battling Lyme disease and recently revealed its affecting her ability to read and write. "She wasn't feeling great. But she looked good and was articulate and well spoken while she was there," a source told E! News. "Instead of staying the whole day and not functioning the way she'd like, she stayed as long as she could and was solid."

Last year featured the ladies all kind of ganging up on Lisa Vanderpump, but since then she's mended fences with many of them. This year it was Brandi's turn.

"There was definitely no love lost between her and several cast members. Kim sided with her—so did Yolanda for a bit," a source told E! News. But Yolanda left early leaving Brandi on the defense. And what happens when Brandi is on the defense? Things definitely got catty.

This season saw Lisa Rinna concerned for Kim after Kim admitted to taking one of her ex-husband's pain pills. The pill incident, which took place in conjunction with a poker party at Eileen's, led to some strife between the sisters Richards. The two sisters both broke out into tears during the reunion and things got pretty emotional. The source says Kim was lucid, together and "appeared completely sober" during the taping.

Eileen along with Lisa Rinna, reportedly held her own during the taping. The taping was "more emotional than past years," a source said. However, everyone said it was their favorite season "because the drama was real, it wasn't just about petty stuff."

Photo Credit: Bravo