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David Foster Opens Up About Yolanda Foster's Lyme Disease Battle

Yolanda Foster has been struggling with Lyme disease since her diagnosis in 2012 and her husband, David Foster admitsthat at times it takes its toll. "Yolanda is truthfully not great," he tells People. "She's just waging this war and...she's down right now."

The musician reveals he lifts his wife's spirits by expressing his devotion in words.

"My wife loves a love note more than she loves a piece of jewelry," he says. "It is actually harder to do a love note than a piece of jewelry because I got to, like, sit down and really think about what I'm writing."

Not to say that it isn't hard on David too, but he also takes time to put things into perspective.

"I fail some days," he says. "You know, I get cranky and then I realize that she's got it 100 times worse than me. But I just do my best."

No matter what though, it's clear that Yolanda has got a fiercely supportive husband, and one who is assured she is going to overcome her condition. "I mean she's a warrior," he says. "She's a warrior so she's going to beat it."

Photo Credit: Bravo