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Brandi Glanville Explains Why Johnny Damon Saved Her As Project Manager On Celebrity Apprentice!

Brandi Glanville is taking to her Project Manager Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. Brandi talks about her victory win as project manager and reveals who's her biggest competition and why. Brandi writes:

"This week I stepped up to be Project Manager because after watching and learning from the prior PM's successes and failures, I really believed I was ready to lead my team to a win.

My charity is Make-A-Wish, and I chose them because they helped my good friend's brother when I was a young girl. They helped him keep hope alive, and ultimately live to talk about it. As a mother of two young, healthy boys I feel like it was really my duty to partner with a charity that helps children in need.

Going into this task my team was already divided - Johnny, Leeza and me on one side, and Ian and Kenya allying to sabotage me on the other. I can't explain the bond that happens between us teams when spending six days a week, 18 hours a day together. It's a type of dysfunctional family. I knew right off the bat that Ian and Kenya were out to sabotage me once I heard their lame suggestions, but when Leeza jumped on board with their ideas, I started to second-guess myself for a moment. I knew 100% that Leeza was my friend and a team player, but I also knew that when you think Marti Gras, you think of New Orleans and not New York City. I decided against my better judgment to go with the majority decision until I spoke with Johnny on the deck.

Johnny saved me as PM. I just needed one person on my team to confirm that I wasn't losing my mind! With a short time left for our concept deadline, I pulled the plug on it. Once our concept was rescued I had to deal with the personalities on my team. I believe I read people really well, and my idea was to feed into Kenya's narcissism and keep her pre-occupied with her singing performance. My idea was also to keep Kenya separated from Ian so the two of them couldn't continue their plan to sabotage me as Project Manager. Leeza and Johnny were my STARS, and other then Kenya's inappropriate dancing I really believed my team did an amazing job.

I knew with Sig in charge of the other boat's party I had tough competition. I really liked the other team (even Geraldo!), other than Kate. I knew Sig was extremely passionate about his cause, The Coast Guard Foundation, and his ridiculously hard work ethic reminded me a lot of my father - he is a real man's man. That all said, the moment I saw his boat tour party on the TV in the Boardroom I knew that even with our weak concept, my team had won. We were announced the winner and I immediately thought about Sig's charity, and how close he was to it and how he felt about it, so I asked Mr. Trump if he could donate something.

I'm relieved after our victory and really believe my biggest competition moving forward is my close friend and teammate Leeza Gibbons - I know a winner when I see one… but then again, you never know what can happen in the Boardroom!"

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Celebrity Apprentice airs Monday nights at 8/7c only on NBC

Source/Photo Credit: NBC