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Ampika Pickston Opens Up About Her Past, Present And Future Relationships

In a recent interview, Ampika Pickston from ITVBe's The Real Housewives of Cheshire opened up about her relationship with ex-husband, Mark Pickston, her father and what she looks for in a man. Check it out below!

Ampika Pickston, 32, got married to Mark Pickston, 54, a multi-millionaire businessman in her twenties and the couple lived an an enormous mansion in Hale, Cheshire, together. The couple have since divorced and the former glamour model has now the owner of a luxurious beauty salon.

Ampika opens about how she meet her ex, she says that their 18-year age gap was heavily criticized by people and made to feel like a gold digger.

"I had a job when I first met him and I wasn't dependent on his finances, but it wasn't on the same level, she told the Daily Mail. And I know that a lot of people judged me for getting with someone a lot older.'I did say to him, "You're getting involved in a relationship with me but I don't bring that much to the equation, so people automatically think that I sponge off you."

'He told me, "At the end of the day sweetheart, I'm marrying a woman who is 22 years younger than me who's good eye candy. I'm going to expect people to think that. But I'm happy to look after you and for you to be my wife. And if other people have a problem with that, then it is their problem. It's not our problem."

"And I thought, that's fair enough."

The couple were married for a few years, but unable to overcome certain differences, they split a several years ago. However, they remain the best of friends and talk on a regular basis.

When asked how she feels about being called a gold-digger, the ITVBe reality star responded:

"At the end of the day, it's very sad, but beauty is currency and if you're a good-looking girl, you've got the options. If a guy comes along and says he is happy to look after you, and he will give you this fabulous lifestyle, if you want to engage in that, then what is the harm? It isn't hurting anybody."

"I have been on both sides of the coin; I have had a very privileged life where I haven't lifted a finger, but I've also come back down to earth now and I'm back to the girl that I was before I met my ex-husband - I work seven days a week."

"It doesn't make me a better person or a lesser person. This country has got a stigma of hatred towards people that lead very luxurious lives, they're very jealous and envious. I'm really sorry that your six numbers didn't come up on the lottery this week - it's not my problem."

Ampika was raised by her father in Oldham and went to a private boarding school, but after leaving at 18, she struck out on her own and was earning very little compared to what she has now. She met Mark in her early twenties and the couple's relationship quickly turned serious.

When asked if she would consider dating someone with a 'normal' salary, like a fireman, she shaked her head and said:

"I would be dubious to let my guard down emotionally because I would wonder if he was coming after me for what I had. My natural instincts would come up and I wouldn't allow myself to fall for them."

"Because although that person could be ticking all of my boxes, and I could tick all of his, that fear of someone coming into my lifestyle, not because they want me, but because of what I have and all of the trappings that come with that, would automatically make me press the eject button."

Ampika admits that her father Paul Fawcett, who she has a close relationship with, is horrified that she's on a reality series.

"My father is utterly disgusted. I don't have a close relationship with my mum, I've not seen her for years, so it's just my dad and he is utterly disgusted and ashamed of the fact that I'd want to put my life on display to the public and get hurled abuse at."

Photo Credit: ITVBe