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Teresa Giudice's Lawyer Says She Is 'Doing Great' In Prison

It's been over a week since Teresa Giudice began her 15-month prison sentence in Danbury, Connecticut, but already she's adapting to life inside. "She's doing great," the Real Housewives of New Jersey star's lawyer, James J. Leonard, tells People.

"I got a series of emails from her and she is doing phenomenally. It seems like she is getting acclimated very well."

The lawyer says Teresa's inmates have been treating her well, too: "She tells me that everybody is nice and everybody is treating her respectfully. She said both the staff and the inmates are being nice to her and that she is getting along fine."

Giudice, who is allowed to make phone calls and use an email service that's monitored by the prison, communicated with her lawyer through the messaging system. "It's an email system for federal prisoners," says the lawyer. "It's a privilege, like using the telephone."

Reports surfaced yesterday that Teresa would be getting out of prison early. But her lawyer clarifies, "Under federal law, every federal prisoner serves 85 percent of their sentence, unless they do something really egregious. So her 13-month release date—Feb. 5—is actually 85 percent of her sentence."

There will be a bright spot to Teresa's first weekend in prison: the lawyer says Joe Giudice is planning to visit and, he adds, "I can only assume he is bringing the kids."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo