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RHOCheshire Star Tanya Bardsley Reveals How She Was Sexually Assaulted In A Hotel

Tanya Bardsley who is the wife of Phil Bardsley and star of ITVBe's The Real Housewives of Cheshire has revealed how she was sexually assaulted in a hotel room. The reality star reveals that she woke after a night out to find a stranger by her bed touching her.

The 33-year-old mother-of-three explains in her book, Just a Girl Who Got it All how she screamed at the intruder to leave then called her husband and the police.

Tanya reveals that she later subjected to intrusive medical examinations to determine if she had been raped.

Tanya said she was left “angry and disgusted” when, after months of police investigations, the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to prosecute her attacker, reports The Mirror.

She said: “Phil left the hotel room to go on a lads’ day out, leaving me there in a drunken, comatose sleep. I woke up in a hazy state to find a strange man at the side of the bed, touching me.

“I screamed for him to get out. I then rang Phil, who quickly came with a car full of his friends and he rang the police. I was badly shaken up.

“The police came and were brilliant. They closed the room off for forensics and explained that because I was out of it with all the alcohol I had drunk, they needed to send me to hospital to be fully checked out to make sure he hadn’t done anything else to me.

“I had internal and external swabs, which in itself was distressing. Lucky for me, the tests came back that I hadn’t been raped, just sexually assaulted.

“Thoughts kept going round in my head — how many other drunken girls might have been targeted?”

The shocking attack happened at a Greater Manchester hotel in April 2013.

She recalls how she fell into bed in the hotel, naked and drunk, after attending a family birthday party in March 2013.

Her husband had left the hotel early to go on a day out with friends, leaving Tanya alone in the room.

It is alleged that the cleaner told a male worker who was restocking mini bars later assaulted her as she lay sleeping.

But she said: “After five months of it hanging over my head, the CPS came back and said there wasn’t enough evidence.

“I went cold. I was so angry and disgusted that this man would get away scot free.

“He had admitted to coming over and moving my sleeping naked body. I felt sick.”

My heart goes out to Tanya, hopefully her story can inspire women to come forward if found in a similar situation.

You can buy Tanya Bardsley’s book 'Just A Girl Who Got It All' on Amazon (UK) or Amazon (USA)

The Real Housewives of Cheshire airs Monday nights at 10pm on  ITVBe.

Photo Credit: ITVBe