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Kyle Richards Explains How She Felt Saying Goodbye To Alexia

Kyle Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle explains all the emotions that went into saying goodbye to Alexia. Kyle writes:

"Oh boy. This is an emotional episode for me. Not only was I crying every day during that time, with my eyes permanently swollen, but I cried the entire time watching this episode.

A lot of parenting challenges going on this week...From Lisa V. trying to motivate Max and teach him life lessons to Yolanda moving Bella to NYC with newfound fears and insecurities since Bella's DUI.

Yes, it's true what Yolanda said: "Her mistake does not define her." I was especially touched when Bella told Yolanda that her mistake doesn't mean that Yolanda isn't a good mom, just that she made a mistake.

Eileen with her stepsons is also touching as she discusses the challenges of a blended family and breaking the stereotype of "Wicked Stepmother." You can see how much Eileen cares for these boys. Watching Eileen's youngest son with his big brother packing up to leave also tugged at my heartstrings. I think it can be very hard on the younger siblings. I know it was for me as a child, and I witnessed that with my own children. We always hear about the "empty nest," but these younger siblings go through something, too.

We decided to all take Alexia to school together, because her sisters wanted to see where Alexia would be, and it postponed saying goodbye for a few more days. Besides, leaving our house was emotional enough when Alexia had to say goodbye to our dogs.

University of Arizona has a beautiful campus. As we walked around, I kept reminding myself of the education she was going to receive and all the fun she was going to have. That is the only thing that was keeping me somewhat together.

When Mauricio and I sat down to have breakfast to discuss Alexia's budget, I had been crying all morning and was too embarrassed to admit it. Figuring out Alexia's budget was a bit challenging, especially because of where we we live. The price of a meal in Tucson versus Beverly Hills is quite different. I had to laugh watching that...

More comic relief came in watching Lisa Rinna do her mouth exercises in the car. Hilarious. I have to say, I have never tried that. I would have loved to have been in the car next to her.

My family had to have a conversation about how we were going to say goodbye. We knew it would be hard on all the kids, as well. Alexia said that she wanted to be alone when she said goodbye to her sisters, and Sophia was too emotional to be seen by anyone. Yes, we are an emotional bunch.

I wanted so badly to keep it together for her sake, but it was just too much. On top of leaving her in Arizona, she was sick and lost her voice. Now I'm leaving her sick on top of everything. Watching the episode, I was able to see Alexia's goodbye to Portia and Mauricio. It was overwhelming to see the love my children share for one another and the bond between Alexia and Mauricio. One of my favorite things about Mauricio is how sensitive he is.

Many times I have had to lean on Mauricio and vice versa. This time we were leaning on each other, and I am so grateful for that.

When I watch this episode, I am reminded of how proud I am of Alexia and also how we love our kids so much it hurts sometimes...

Thanks for watching."

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