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Kim Richards: Watching Kyle And Yolanda Take The Girls To College Was So Emotional

Kim Richards is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kim talks about how hard it was to watch Kyle say goodbye to Alexia. Kim writes:

"I hope your week is starting off terrific! Wow, watching Kyle and Yolanda take the girls to college was so emotional! I remember how fun it was getting Kimberly all ready for her big move. Yet it was also painful to leave her there. Watching Bella give Yolanda her card was so touching. I can't imagine having to send two daughters off to college back-to-back! I'm still adjusting to my last one leaving two years ago, although she is the baby!

I don't know which was harder to watch: Kyle and Alexia saying their goodbyes or Maurice and Alexia at the curb? By this moment, I couldn't stop crying! I could feel my sister's pain watching her in that hotel room. I wanted to jump through the TV and hold her. I also remember the day I was sitting in a room just like that and experiencing the same thing. I think there are a lot of you out there that have had similar moments. For those of you whose day is coming, I promise you it does get easier!

I was glad that Kyle had all her kids there to be with Alexia. I know that made the transition a lot easier for all of them. This is also a change for them, as well.

Happy Anniversary, Lisa and Ken! They really are very cute together. They really love each other very much...oh yes, and their doggies, too!

I went over to Brandi's to watch Eddie and LeAnn's new show. Mark, Peter, and Brandi's friend Jen were all there. I think there was a side of her that didn't want to watch and also a side of her that thought she needed to. Are her children featured? Do they talk about Brandi? So we watched. I personally did not find it that entertaining.

It was also nice to see Eileen and Vincent's boy heading off for his last year of college. That's very exciting! All our little babies are growing up! Jobs, college, and weddings! Following their dreams and passions. Life is just so beautiful, and we are so blessed!

Have a beautiful week!"

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