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Is Danielle Staub Returning To RHONJ For Season 7?

According to a new report, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is secretly rallying for a return to the Bravo hit series. An insider tells RadarOnline that the mother-of-two is using new, cunning tactics to attempt a triumphant return.

“Danielle has been reaching out to the newbies of the cast,” a source close to Staub spilled. “She is trying to be sweet in hopes that they will like her and want her to come on the show with them.”

Specifically, the source pointed to twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano, as well as Amber Marchese.

“Danielle knows she has no friends in the other cast members,” the source elaborated. “For example, she knows Jacqueline and Caroline would never talk to her or have anything to do with her.”

On the same note, the source explained that, “Dina likely wouldn’t want anything to do with her either. Her comment that she wanted Danielle to return likely had more to do with trying to hurt Jacqueline at the time than a sincere hope she’d return.”

Also, Dina recently made up with sister-in-law Laurita, and communicating with Laurita’s arch-nemesis would be a slap in the face!

“Basically,” the insider concluded, “Danielle is desperate for a return to the show. She’s made that quite clear on social media and her reaching out to the new cast members is an obvious tactic to try to accomplish this goal.”

Amber Marchese confirmed, “Danielle has contacted me. She did reach out to chat. To be honest, she has been nothing but kind and sweet to me. She hasn’t brought up the show unless I’ve brought it up, but she has discussed her experience on the show with me.”

I think that Danielle's return will definitely boost ratings, and it needs it since last season's ratings dropped. Let's not forget Staub's one-on-one Watch What Happens Live interview beat out Lady Gaga and Bethenny Frankel in ratings.

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Photo Credit: Bravo