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Demetria McKinney Shares Her Thoughts On Other Real Housewives' Music!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Demetria McKinney is an accomplished actress and singer - who recently released her newest single "Trade It All" is revealing what she thinks about the other Housewives who have released music over the years.

"I'm aware of [Kim Zolciak's] 'Tardy to the Party.' I'm aware of [Porsha Williams'] 'Flatline.' I am aware of all of these different things that have come and kudos to those who have made it work for them," Demetria tells The Daily Dish, adding, "NeNe and I may not be besties, but I can definitely respect what she's been able to do with the platform."

"Now, as for these singers. Do you, but don't be intimidated when I do me. Soulja Boy is a little bit different than Drake. That's all I can say," she said with a laugh, making it clear she was Drake in this scenario.

"You know, there is a market for everybody. I'm not one to come here and say, 'Move, there ain't no room for you,'" she continued. "But I know you can't do me like I do me. And I'm confident in who I am as a vocalist, a performer, and a person so I think that makes me stand in a different lane than, I'm just gonna say, what Porsha does."

Photo Credit: Bravo