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Ariana Madix Explains Why She Believes Tom Sandoval Did Not Cheat In Miami; Calls Out Miami Girl And Kristen Doute!

Ariana Madix is taking to her personal tumblr blog to dish on this week's explosive episode of Vanderpump Rules. Ariana pleads her case and explains why Kristen and Miami Girl's accusations are inconsistent and why she believes Tom did not cheat on her. Ariana writes:

"Where, oh where, to begin? Maybe I will start from my conversation with Lisa and move backwards. I find it a bit frustrating that my employer is making statements about me and Tom on a personal level. Sure, we have both worked for Lisa for years, but her knowledge of who we are outside work is extremely limited. I couldn’t help but wonder where Lisa got the idea that Tom is a “charming devil” (or whatever she said). I have known Tom for four years now and for the first three of those years when we were just friends, we certainly never had any need or desire to impress one another or put on any kind of act. I have never felt it appropriate to use the word “charming” to describe him. Tom is goofy, smart, creative, and kind, with a seriously oddball sense of humor.

To bring me to my next point, the idea that somehow he has “charmed” me into some sort of stupid sheep is unfathomable. This whole “love is blind” thing is a concept that I have never understood nor subscribed to in my life. It goes against every fiber of who I am as a person. This is why it is so beyond frustrating for those words to ever be used in reference to me. What is and has always been important to me in all matters is facts and logic. I know that I have said this before, but it seems as though I can say things a thousand times and somehow never be heard or taken seriously. I was a theatre major in college, but I always excelled in math and sciences. Do you know why I enjoy those things so much? The answers are black and white (very few exceptions when you get into the advanced or theoretical subjects). I approach situations in my own life with this same mental approach. Given that knowledge, would it make one iota of sense that I would blindly follow anyone? Ever? No. Discretely leaving Sur was the best thing we could have done in that moment. I refuse to lose my job over petty dramatics or be a participant in this game. Does anyone really think that Tom should have stood there in the middle of the lounge with customers present and be a part of a disgusting screaming match with those girls? I would hope not. So, let’s get into the facts that provide me with all of this confidence on the subject, shall we?

Below is a list of things that were said and the facts that refute those things:

“We talked for 7 hours”- I would really love to know how talking to someone for that long, or at all, would be physically possible if Tom was on the phone with me multiple times for prolonged periods throughout the night in question. Not only that, but during said conversations Tom described to me these three girls who were fans of the show who seemed to be asking a lot of questions about it and creeping him out. Tom is a very nice and welcoming person so, when he is expressing discomfort at someone’s presence in the group, you know he isn’t kidding.

“He held my hand”- The only reason the three guys were in Miami was because they were doing paid club appearances. Therefore, they were advertised and overtly informed people where they would be at all times. People came to see them, meet them, and take photos. Again, please explain to me how this would have happened and it would be plausible that there would be no photos or recounts of this from anyone else. Also, wouldn’t Tom have to be as brain-dead as a piece of plywood to do that? She really should have considered these things before she started all of these lies. At least pepper your story with details that are believable.

“I found her on social media”- This all began when this story was sold to a tabloid for monetary compensation. Upon first hearing of it, I immediately saw multiple red flags and contradictions to what I know to be true based on many factors. Not only did she admit that she sold it and her reasons for doing so (Jax was holding her laptop until she and her friend paid him back for items they charged on his card and she was vewwy vewwy mad about it), but her story has warped at least a handful of times since its original print version.

“He’s still in love with Kristen”- LOL

“It fits the description”- Oh, let me guess, Tom’s penis is shaped like a penis? This actually might have been a good one if we weren’t fully aware that Kristen and this girl talked for months about this or if Tom had any kind distinct penile attribute.

Supplemental item #1- My brother went on this trip with them. It was actually really cool to see and hear him and Tom begin a friendship that has truly blossomed from there.

Supplemental item #2- The night this all happened at Sur, Tom and I were in the back parking lot chatting before we left. Around the corner comes an extremely irate Miami girl. Plain as day, she shouted “This isn’t how Kristen promised it would be!”

Can I please rest my case?

Despite all of this, people will say whatever they want to say. They always have and they always will. I have done what is in my power to shed light on these allegations, but I do not preside over the court of public opinion. As far as I know, a romantic relationship is between two people and not the entire cast of a show plus its audience. I will always get heated when I see people I know so well and care about being dragged through the mud. It upsets me when anyone speaks poorly of my friends. I don’t typically jump in the ring for myself, but I do for them.

I thank Scheana for speaking up about the whole thing. I hope she sees now that I am not only happy and in love, but that I don’t have any reason not to trust Tom. He has always made sure that I don’t have to play guessing games or wonder for a moment what the truth is. I have to give him a lot of credit. We all have a past. We all have previous relationships. We have all made mistakes in our lives. Tom has learned from his past mistakes (as have I), and never have I experienced a relationship that is so solid, open, and loving. I try every day to treat Tom with the same love and respect he has shown me. We have all heard that true love is rare and hard to find. We are so lucky to be able to experience that with each other. On that note, I have some serious cuddling to do."

What do you think about Ariana’s blog?

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