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Tom Schwartz Says Stassi Schroeder Is A 'One-Dimensional Drama Queen'

Tom Schwartz is taking to his Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Tom doesn't want to get involved in Jax's drama and thinks Stassi is nothing but an imitator. Tom writes:

"San Diego was a blast! I know, I'm well aware that this is not something I need in my life per se. I mean I've partied enough for two lifetimes. That being said, Tiffany did go out of her way to put this package together for us so I don't want to be rude!

The whole wknd was a blur. I have to say that Peter, Tom, Jax and myself are a formidable group when he get together. The weekend was an absolute blast. I truly love these guys. The hotel was gorgeous and I can't stop gushing about San Diego in general.

I didn't want to get involved about the Jax rumors. Even though he has stirred my pots before, I don't want to speculate on another's behalf. Whatever happened is his business. We got back, I worried I might be permanently hungover. I found out that Katie had been extended an invitation to Miami via Scheana and it's an awesome relief. I don't think I could have gone to the bachelor party without my love -- but I also would have been annoyed about not getting to go just because of some petty unfinished squabble that surely could be hashed out after a one-on-one between them. It all stems from miscommunication.

Stassi called me half weasel/half vagina. Well let me take a moment to tell you how she divides: half prude/half dimwit. She's got one flavor and that's vanilla. It's a good flavor, but it gets old fast. She keeps preaching about how much her life has changed and it has, on the surface. She has new clothes and a new boyfriend and a new apartment, but inside she's still the same one-dimensional drama queen. Change should start from the inside out. She wants to be in the style industry and she can imitate other styles, even look pretty damn good doing it, but true style comes from within. I like to refer to her as a reverse geode. It's an apt description of her. Burn."

What do you think about Tom’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo