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Sonja Morgan Is Launching A New Fashion Line

Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan may like to go commando but the Bravo reality star is keeping busy as she is about to launch her fashion line titled 'Sonja Morgan New York Collection' - which is set to debut in department stores sometime next year.

The entrepreneur and former model recently revealed to Fashion & Style that this new venture has been a long time coming. "It was a couple of years [ago] I was talking to a major department store about getting started with a fine jewelry collection, diamonds, and then we hit a speed bump because they were bought out by another department store so I said, 'I'm not waiting,'" Sonja explained. "I got a new investor and he said, 'You know what, I'll do the jewelry, but I also want to do the fashion.'"

Sonja quickly realized that her background was a perfect set-up for a clothing line. "I went to FIT for marketing and I already worked in wholesale...I've done it," she said, before also revealing that her daughter was a bit of an impetus too. "I think when a woman finds herself divorced and putting the kid through school and she's talking about college, I'm like, 'Where am I gonna pay for all this?'" she reveals.

"The whole time I was doing the toaster oven recipes I was still wearing the bling, and leopard aprons, and I still had my hair up a la Streisand... blinged out," she said. "So fashion never really left. I was still doing it and that's what people were after."

The sexy star also teased about how her always fascinating love life will play out in the upcoming season of RHONY. "My love life's always good," she said. "Just beating them off with a stick. I love men. I love everyone."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo