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Mary Zilba Calls Out Jody Claman For Saying That RHOV Wasn't 'Real'

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Vancouver are back in the spotlight since the first season is currently airing in the UK on ITVBe. Earlier this week, a viewer called out Jody Claman for coming across as 'mean' on the show. The mother-of-three replied to the viewer, suggesting that the show wasn't 'real.' "Its a Show! Nothing real about it! Lol" said Claman.

Then, the same viewer asked Mary Zilba if it was true what her former co-star and nemesis said about the show. "Honey, our show was 100% REAL said Zilba via her Twitter page. "She likes to say that to downplay her actions. Some of the worst things were edited out!"

Check out the full conversation below!

Earlier this year, Jody Claman and her daughter, Mia Deakin, filed a defamation lawsuit against Mary Zilba in the wake of a shooting incident involving Deakin. A notice of civil claim alleges that Zilba made defamatory comments to CBC (you can vviewthe video clip here) to the effect that Deakin associated herself with criminals or individuals of unsavoury character and that Deakin herself engages in criminal behavior

Then, Zilba filed a statement of defence denying she defamed either woman. Her response rejected Claman and Deakin's interpretation of her comments to the CBC.

"The words complained of ... are not capable of being defamatory of the plaintiffs and are not in fact defamatory of the plaintiffs, either in their literal meaning, inferential meaning or innuendo meanings as alleged," says the statement of defence.

The statement of defence says that even if Zilba's comments were defamatory, they were "true in substance or fact" or should be considered fair comment.

I still think that Slice made a huge mistake of cancelling the show. So much has happened to all the ladies since the show was cancelled, it's a shame they couldn't capture it on another season.

I don't know if the show was real or not, but one thing we can all agree is that these two truly don't like each other, and that is 100% real.

Who's side are you on? Mary or Jody's? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Slice