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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Doesn't Need Business Advice From Scheana And Thinks Stassi's 'Grace Kelly' Attitude Is Ridiculous!

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Vlog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Lisa doesn't need business advice from her staff -- and thinks that Stassi's attitude is ridiculous. Watch Lisa's video blog below!

Read full transcript of Lisa's vlog below - courtesy of Bravo

Hi I'm Lisa Vanderpump. Welcome to my video blog.

So Kristen got totally dressed up, maybe hoping that Tom would succumb to her female prowess and go back to the old days, but I don't think Tom was having it. I think Tom Sandoval had Tom Schwartz there as a safety measure. I'm not saying he doesn't trust himself, but he probably doesn't trust Kristen.

Vail seems to have had a rather kind of varied career. She's been the star of soaps, and now not so much. So maybe she's just looking for a bit of a stop gap. I hope Vail will actually have a little bit more resiliences shall we say then some of the other waitress and not fall prey to some of the wolves, so to speak.

In the unlikely event that I ever need business advice from one of my staff, I probably won't be going to Scheana for that. But thank you anyway for your few kind words.

I think Stassi's attidue is slightly ridiculous. I mean she comes in here now like Grace Kelly. Just a year ago, these were her best friends. She was the leader of this pack and suddenly not one of them is good enough for her?

But I don't think Stassi's quite ready to let that position go. Even though she doesn't work there, she still wants to make her presence felt.

I’m actually taken a back really when Vail is so blatantly honest about her having addiction problems in the past. It's not something I really needed to know, but I appreciate her sharing with me, and I respect her for that.

It seems like Katie's in a place when they're baking this cake that she would almost let it go and she would almost forgive him, but she can't when she's got this voice in her ear. Miss Stassi constantly "eh eh eh eh he." I think Tom and Katie are starting to realize that Stassi's not as concerned with mending their relationship, but more concerned about hurting Jax.

Thank you for watching. I'm Lisa Vanderpump and I will see you next week."

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Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo