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Kyle Richards Shares Her Hair Care Secrets

In a new interview with HuffPost Live, Kyle Richards is revealing her secrets on how she keeps her hair so shiny and healthy. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star describes herself as a "less-is-more person when it comes my hair," and that her secret is, "I don't put product in it."

But when she does use something, it's not some pricey designer product like you might expect. It's actually pretty easily accessible and affordable.

"I do use Pantene," she revealed. "I really do. And I'm not a spokesperson for them, but I really do use it."

The mother-of-four then further elaborated about why she doesn't like to overwork her hair. "I don't put product in my hair because it dulls the shine," she said. "And I try not to overheat it. I try not to damage it with brushing. You just have to take care of it like you would your skin."

Earlier this year, Kyle also shared some of her diet secrets. "I eat almost no sugar," she said of her diet, revealing why she is so strict when it comes to what she takes in.

"I'm only 5-foot-2, with big boobs and a butt, so it shows!" she said. "I feel confident about my body now. I don't hide behind a towel in a bathing suit."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo