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Katie Maloney On The Cheating Rumor: It's Nothing But A Fabricated Lie That Grew From The Mouths Of Scorned, Vindictive People

Katie Maloney is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Katie won't address the rumor, except to wonder why anyone would believe Jax or Kristen, the supernovas of cheating. Katie writes:

"I was COMPLETELY shocked when Tom surprised me with Gordo. We had talked about adopting a dog for a long time, but hadn't decided when. Tom always said that going to a shelter or a adoption fair would be too heartbreaking for him, so I was surprised that he actually did it. Gordo is the sweetest little puppy boy and I was in love immediately. I couldn't bare to think that someone didn't want him. I can't imagine my life without him. I'm not sure why Tom thought he had to substitute a baby. I'm not trying to have a baby anytime soon. I absolutely want kids -- but I am in no rush what so ever.

Now on to a subject matter I'm less fond of talking about: rumors. SUR really is quite the rumor mill, especially when you have beef with someone that works. Then it's a particularly toxic situation. I don't feel the need to explain, address, or defend the allegations made. I will say just a few things as my last and final statement. Let's start with Jax's new found and unwarranted hatred for me. I hadn't done or said anything to him in months. I kept to myself. I didn't care so much to hang out with him after everything that happened last summer. All the while, he acted as though I had done something to him. He went on to bad mouth me on Twitter. Things really came to a head when Stassi moved back. Nothing changed except Stassi being in LA, but Jax really amped up his hatred towards me. I didn't understand it and just tried to ignore it.

Now as far as this "cheating" rumor goes. It's nothing but a fabricated lie that grew from the mouths of scorned, vindictive people who simply were out to get me. No matter what, Jax and Kristen are the supernova of cheaters -- and nothing any of us could do would compare. They shoud have just stopped while they were ahead.

Hearing the conversations and the words coming out of everyone's mouth floored me. I have been guilty of a little sh-- talking but it never came from such a dark place. I never ran around like I was an angel in a perfect relationship. I'm no angel and my relationship has been anything but perfect."

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Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo 

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo