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Jude Cisse To Appear On Upcoming Season Of The Real Housewives Of Cheshire?

According to a new report, Jude Cissé was in talks about starring in ITVBe’s upcoming reality series, The Real Housewives of Cheshire but ultimately decided against although viewers may spot her in a cameo appearance. “You might see me in the show,” Jude said teasingly.

But she would be concerned about her portrayal, if she was a main character, given the heavy editing. “It might have hindered what I’m all about,” she added, and points out that even the title “Real Housewives” is misleading.

“It’s more a show about footballers’ wives. It will be fun and entertaining but it’s about projecting an image and not what’s real. There have been tears because the ladies have found themselves in situations that were staged and it was quite upsetting for them. It’s hard when you are friends with everybody.”

Jude, once married to former Reds’ striker and French football star Djibril Cissé, is successful in her own right as she runs a luxury spa business Rouge et Noir in Helsby. But she continues to mix in celebrity circles and is friends with all the women in the ITV show which will air in the new year, reports Chester Chronicle.

Jude Cisse and her children Cassius Clay, 7, Prince Kobe, 5, 
and Marley Jackson, 4

Jude is not sure the series is for her and is busy with her own TV project in any event.

“I have to think about how it will affect me and my family. I have my children to think about as well. I have too many commitments to commit to a TV show at the moment, I’m in the middle of doing my own documentary.”

Jude, who promises her show will be “very real”, explained that she was approached by a freelance producer about the three-part series which could air on one of the ITV channels next year.

“It’s about my life, being a wife and mum, and now being a single mum as well. It’s also putting it out there to young girls who might think it’s fashionable to be a footballer’s wife that it’s not a career path they should be thinking about.”

Jude said it could be a “lonely life” when one’s spouse was based away from the family with football commitments. Talking about the impact on her children, she said: “Their dad’s always been away. They don’t know any different.”

And Jude stressed she had always been a financially independent woman long before she met Djibril, who now lives in the south of France.

“I have always been a businesswoman, for years before I met my husband. I have a post graduate qualification and I’ve done everything based on the way I was brought up. If anything, he was lucky to find me!”

She is also wondering about other opportunities. “I wouldn’t mind writing a book,” she said.

Source/Photo Credit: Chester Chronicle