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Joanna Krupa Slams Brandi Glanville, Calls Her Trailer Trash!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville reignited an old feud with Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa when the mother-of-two sat down to interview Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen. “When was the last time you spoke to Joanna Krupa?” Glanville asked Cohen, who replied that it would have been at the RHOM reunion taping.

Brandi took a jab at her longtime feud with Krupa and continued, “Did you get food poisoning from the bad sushi that night?” Adding, “She’s stunning. You can’t help the odor situation.”

While Andy tactfully let the subject slide, the same can't be said for Joanna, who recently told TMZ how she felt when she caught the clip.

"I'm so pissed off. I think Brandi Glanville is the biggest trailer trash woman out there," she said. "She needs to get a life. I'm happily married. I'm sorry that your ex-husband left you. Stop talking about it. Does she have nothing better to do with her life?"

Joanna went on to say that the two would never be friends.

"I don't hang out with trailer trash. Obviously she's so obsessed with me she can't stop talking about it."

The photographer instigates the situation by saying that he thought Brandi was trying to get Andy Cohen to talk poorly about Joanna. She replied, “Exactly! Why would Andy say anything bad about me when she’s making stuff up to make herself famous. Stop putting injections in your cheeks, you’re never going to be European. Bitch.”

After the video was released, Brandi tweeted, “Just to clear things up the questions I asked @Andy on his show were written for me on the cards. I did not [come] up with them! GEEZ.”

She later added, @JoannaKrupa I’m SORRY I’m sure you smell as beautiful as you look! I won’t joke about it again.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images