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Is The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Being Delayed Until 2016?

As we all know, Teresa Giudice is set to report to prison in just one month, but according to a new report, a decision about the future of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been made. RadarOnline reports that Bravo executives have delayed production on the show — indefinitely.

“Bravo is very nervous to do the show without Teresa,” a show insider tells RadarOnline. “They fear that without her, the show will not be as big of a success.” “They’re exploring shelving the season until 2016, when Teresa gets out of prison,” the source claims.

“By having her fresh out of prison, there would be a clear storyline. It would also pull on fans’ heartstrings to see the changed Teresa back in the limelight.”

As for the site’s previous reports that Teresa was already filming footage for next season?

“There are many people who are trying to hurt Teresa by claiming things that don’t really have a strong basis in truth,” the source said.” Believe it or not, Teresa really does not have an interest in being in the spotlight at the current moment.”

“If you notice,” the source continued, “Teresa is not currently doing any media. She could be milking this, but she’s staying relatively quiet.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo