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How Much Does The Vanderpump Rules Cast Make?

According to TMZ, the cast of Vanderpump Rules with the exception of Lisa Vanderpump, made only $5K for the entire first season. With the first season totaling 10 episodes, that means the cast was making only $500 per episode.

After the ratings went through the roof, negotiations began in the hopes of a raise.

The cast was looking to get more money and first class seats on flights.

However, Bravo was able to up the ante in terms of money, giving them $3K per episode in Season 2 and $5K per episode in Season 3, but it looks like they’re still stuck traveling in coach.

The site reports that much of the cast thinks the network won’t upgrade their flight status because there’s a threat of them losing their “working class charm.” While most of the cast are trying to branch out into their own businesses, they are still playing servers and bartenders on the show.

Photo Credit: Bravo