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Christina Scoleri's New Book 'The Dairy Free Outfit: An Italian Cookbook' Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

Former Mob Wives Chicago star Christina Scoleri is back on the spotlight, but this time she's back with a new project, and no, it's not a reality show. The former reality star is about to release her first cookbook, titled 'The Dairy Free Outfit: An Italian Cookbook' which is now available for pre-order. Read full details below!

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Coming from an Italian family it is all about traditions, so it was important for Christina and her family to have a home cooked meal every day. In many popular Italian dishes such as: Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Vodka Sauce, Cannolis, and Cheesecake dairy products such as: milk, cheese, and butter are the most used ingredients in creating these delicious Italian meals. In this dairy free traditional Italian food cookbook you will see it is possible to enjoy Italian cuisine without compromising the look or taste. No longer will you have to call ahead to the host of a party to find out what is being served, feel left out, or have to bring your own food to an event due to this very common food allergy. Those days are over. The biggest challenge in dairy free recipes is finding the right ingredients. Inside the pages of this book you will find a plethora of easy dairy free recipes to some of your favorite Italian dishes. This cookbook will save you time and many hours of researching to find that perfect ingredient to create the dairy free version of these exciting and delicious Italian recipes. In this book, you will find traditional family recipes that incorporate the use of dairy free comparable ingredients to have the dishes look and taste the authentic. Enjoy the words within the pages of the Dairy Free Outfit, key ingredients to living a dairy free Italian-style.

The cookbook will be available for purchase on December 23, 2014

You can pre-order Christina's cookbook on Amazon

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