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Carlton Gebbia Returning To The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?

Former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Carlton Gebbia was fired for the Bravo hit reality series back in May. The Wiccan beauty is reportedly now 'open to returning' to the 90210 Housewives series. According to TMZ, Bravo executives had a meeting with the Gebbia 'begging' her to return for a few appearances on season five.

All was apparently forgiven after executive producer Andy Cohen admitted Carlton was unfairly portrayed during a special episode of Watch What Happens Live.

'I actually made the point in my book that I thought that Carlton specifically got an unfair shake,' said the executive producer and New York Times Best Selling author.

'We portrayed her as a bad witch but also she's a PTA mom....we portrayed her [with] all the sex stuff and the Wiccan stuff. And that was kind of it. I know there was more to her and I felt that she got an unfair shake.'

Cohen continued: 'I think it would have been more interesting actually if we had shown [that], because then you're like, "Oh wow, this woman loves having these sexy parties but she's also in the PTA."'

Now, Carlton tells TMZ that she would be open to returning to RHOBH.

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Photo Credit: Bravo, Source: The Daily Mail