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Ariana Madix On Stassi Schroeder: Everything She Says Just Lowers My Opinion Of Her

Ariana Madix is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Ariana thinks that Tom should have called pest control on Kristen and that Stassi's witty remarks lack real intelligence. Ariana writes:

"Here we go for another week of judgment, meltdowns, and embarrassment by association. I hope everyone knows my sense of humor by now and understands that I am dry as a bone in the Sahara. That being said, let's jump off this cliff that is tonight's episode. Side note: Happy Gay Pride!

My respect for Stassi diminishes with every moment that I watch her interactions with Katie, Schwartz, and in her interviews. Everything she says just lowers my opinion of her exponentially. I used to think that she and I agreed on most things, but just handled situations differently. I don't feel that way now. If I was in her situation I wouldn't have let Schwartz off without making it clear that hurting my friends is unacceptable, but I definitely would've given them some alone time so that they could talk about their relationship instead of throwing out my own little judgmental quips and witty remarks that lack any real wisdom. She's bossy but she's definitely not the boss. I don't think she's very smart, she just speaks with conviction. It reminds me of the girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. "But Daddy, I want it NOW!"

I'll also never understand this "real man/real woman" talk that many people subscribe to. Stassi does this a lot and to my knowledge, a "real man" is somebody who was born with a penis. Therefore, his behavior reflects that of being a real man no matter what he actually does. Can we not talk like this is 1955? Is Stassi going to be barefoot in the kitchen with an apron on because she's a "real woman" and "real women" have dinner on the table when the "real man" comes home from his "real job"? Don't think so.

Katie and Schwartz love and care about each other very much and have a lot of fun together. They have the ability to make their own rules and create a world of happiness for themselves that doesn't have to abide by anyone else's terms. If they can cultivate and preserve mutual trust and respect, everyone else can and should shut their mouths.

Tom should have hired a pest controller for that giant praying mantis in his apartment. Or should I say "preying"? It is a really sweet compliment that she would think I'm so amazing that I must be pretending. Thanks!

All kidding aside, I'm just happy I wasn't the worst go-karter. For the record, Jax came in last. I'm just such a great driver on real roads that I haven't honed that set of skills."

What do you think about Ariana’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo