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Andy Cohen Explains Why Vicki Gunvalson Was Forced To Film With Brooks Ayers

Vicki Gunvalson made headlines this week when she revealed in an interview to US Weekly that Bravo threatened to downgrade her role on the Real Housewives of Orange County unless she filmed with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers.

 "[Bravo] basically put the gauntlet down and said, 'If you don't film with Brooks, then we are reducing your role,'" she told the magazine. "And I was like, 'Oh no! You did not just say that!'"

In the latest episode of Ask Andy, the Watch What Happens Live host sets the record straight.

"That's true! We did!" Andy reveals. "You know why? She's on a reality show about her life! And he was in her life! So we said, 'You have to show what's happening in your life! If you're dating this guy, you can't keep it hidden from everybody.'"

Andy is sympathetic to the OG of the OC's situation, however. During the Season 8 reunion, Vicki's daughter, Briana, erupted at Brooks; Tamra Judge has also voiced her disdain for Vicki's boyfriend.

"She's in a tough situation," Andy says. "People didn't like her relationship with him so she was like, 'Look, I can't take the criticism.' I understand her reticence by the way. I understand why she wouldn't want to share her relationship with Brooks with the world. I love her. I'm so glad that she did [film with Brooks] and that she's back and that Brooks was on, because that was what was happening in her life."

Watch the full interview below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo