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Amber Marchese Is Expanding Her Fitness Empire

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese is the proud owner of her fitness line, Vici Fitness. The Bravo reality star is now expanding her fitness venture into a consulting company, which will offer nutrition advice and personal training.

"I had a fitness line called Vici Fitness, which means to conquer whatever you're conquering; having a baby, breast cancer, any kind of disease you can conquer it and get on to fitness, but then I found this other group called Revolutionize, and they share the same philosophies of working out as I do, so we combined our businesses together and now I have this consulting firm," she explained to Fox News.

That means that folks can get fit and can call an expert to help them lose few extra pounds.

"It's a nutrition and personal one-on-one training," she said. "It can do Skype. It can do phone calls. It can do anything."

Being healthy is an especially important cause for Amber. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 31 and underwent a double mastectomy and a year-and-a-half of chemotherapy. She has since been quite open about her courageous battle to get well.

"When people dare to say to me, 'You talk about cancer too much,' or, 'You're using cancer as a card,' I say to them don't you dare try to shut me up with your ignorance," she said earlier this year. "As another cancer survivor and friend, Brian Dowd, who works tirelessly with the Livestrong foundation said to me once, 'As a survivor, it is your duty to tell your story to potentially save others.' That has been etched in my mind ever since, and I proudly will take those marching orders."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo