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VIDEO: Gina Liano Reveals There Will Be A LOT Of Conflict On The New Season Of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne!

Gina Liano recently appeared on the Chrissie and Jane morning radio show on MyMix101.1 to promote her new shoe range and of course to tease and dish on some spoilers of the upcoming second season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Gina reveals that they are nearly at the end of filming. When asked about the new Housewives, the very glammed Barrister had very little to say, she even revealed that earlier that morning she had forgotten their names....SHADE!

When asked if the public would like the two new Housewives, Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger, "Maybe you won't. You might not, each to their own I suppose" said Liano.

When asked if she attend Berenger's book launch, "I didn't have to be, but I choose to be there" said the mother of two.

Gina made it clear that she hasn't clashed with anyone during the new season, at least not to the degree as in the first season with former co-star Andrea Moss. The reality star reveals that she's been having a lot of fun this season. However she can't say the same about her co-stars.

"There has been a lot of conflict I must say, amongst the whole cast, so it's been a real adventure."

When asked if she wanted to portray anything differently this new season, the fashionsta said, "to wear more makeup, more eye shadow and just back comb my hair bigger," joked Liano.

Watch the full interview below!

Liano also opens up about her new shoe range and reveals that she even has shoe sized for men, in honor to her drag queen fans.

Photo Credit: Gina Liano