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Tom Sandoval: 'What Happens In My Personal Life And Relationship Is Nobody's Business But Mine And Ariana's'

Tom Sandoval is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on the season premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules. Tom doesn't understand why James is so obsessed with him -- and thinks this whole thing is none of Kristen's business. Tom writes:

"First of all, there are no text between me and this Miami girl that prove anything more than a social hangout in a group setting went down. The obvious reason is because absolutely NOTHING happened! Kristen is lying or at the very least reaching for something that doesn't exist. There was also NO selfie sent to this girl, only a pic that Schwartz took of me on a scooter as an excuse to stay away because Jax had invited these girls to hang out. We kept our distance but didn't want to make a big deal out it, especially because we had a feeling this girl was shady. Well it turns out we were right!

But what happens in my personal life and relationship is nobody's business but mine and Ariana's. The fact that Kristen, and James for that matter, are so interested in my personal life shows that they are not just "curious," as they put it, but full blown obsessed with trying to make me look like a jerk. After suffering the pain of Kristen hooking up with Jax (and lying about it repeatedly), I have done my best to move forward. I have better things to do with my time than worry about Kristen and James and the crap they choose to immerse themselves in. Ariana and I spend our days obsessing over much different things -- like spending our time having fun, hanging out, laughing, joking, and doing the things that true friends and soulmates do.

Kristen is obviously delusional when she tweets a one word description of herself as "loyal." What a joke! The only way that even makes any sense whatsoever is if she means loyal to "herself," free to do whatever she wants, no matter who gets hurt, with zero remorse. Everyone who once trusted her as a good friend is laughing and shaking their heads in disbelief at that tweet! She must have been talking about someone else!?!

I really felt bad for Scheana when she heard these disgusting rumors from Kristen and don't think she was making the situation "about herself." Scheana was obviously just upset and concerned for her best friend's well being, which I completely understand. I feel like Scheana is beginning to realize that being friends with Kristen, who is actively out to sabotage Ariana and I every chance she gets, is not going to be easy.

I purposely did not want to talk to Kristen and just flat out did not mentally prepare myself for James to get in my face. I don't understand where the hell his problem with me lies.

Let me give you a little more background with James. I have every reason not to like James. I walked in on him and Kristen hooking up at my place when Kristen was supposed to be moving out and he was supposed to be moving in. I later found out that they had used my bed and that James had lied to Kristen about me to get her into my bed!

Because of Kristen and James, I was put in situation in January where days before I was supposed to be splitting rent with James, I was instead stuck with no roommate, paying my full rent. Kristen was refusing to move out (even though I had given her a month and a half to find a place). All of this is going on while I was also paying Scheana money to stay at her place (as well as my portion of the rent at my place), while Kristen had the whole place to herself with all my stuff in it. I found out James (who at the time referred to me as his "best mate"), is staying over at my place almost every night, because at this time he was living with his parents, where he shared a room with his brother. It basically came down to me having to go in my place and try to make it as unlivable as possible. This included removing my mattress, silverware, all couch cushions, light bulbs, and TV. I couldn't legally evict Kristen, but I could legally take everything of mine out of the apartment. It was truly a horrific situation, and this obviously lead to James and I no longer being friends. After we had our initial falling out, I have just chosen to stay away from the guy.

Now he and Kristen are free to do what they want, even if it's to actively pursue something that is bullsh-- to begin with and completely NONE of their business. So James goes on to get in my face, I'm guessing to try and look tough, even after I approached he and Kristen calmly, non-threateningly, and with a smile. As James continues to bark at me, he starts to remind me of junior high kid trying to intimidate a high school kid, which just tells me one thing. . .he's insecure, plain and simple. It was also comical that Kristen put on this weird act when I asked her to talk. She tried to act oblivious to the fact that she has literally spent the entire time at Scheana's birthday setting out to ruin it with bullsh-- talking and obsessing about me to anyone who would listen.

I feel sorry for two people who after both screwing me over and betraying me in so many ways, have nothing better to do than obsess over rumors that they heard about me. The day will come when James will get tired of Kristen talking about me all the time. Hmm. . .Maybe that's why he's so mad at me? Because he somehow thinks it's my fault that I'm all Doute talks about. Either way I don't care. I don't try to understand --holes or psychos. I just stay away from them."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo