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Scheana Marie: 'The Whole Fight Was So Unnecessary'

Scheana Marie is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of Vanderpump Rules. Scheana sees the fight in a different light after watching the episode -- and apologizes for making fun of Tom's video. Scheana writes:

"Where do I begin? Another party, another injury. I am racking up the medical bills these days. Thankfully this one wasn't as bad. However, I did need stitches. Like, how did this happen? I was an innocent bystander staying out of the way and all of a sudden someone said "don't look down." Naturally I look down. There was a lot of blood! Apparently in the midst of the fight breaking out, there was broken glass everywhere and a piece of that glass sliced the inside of my foot open. Happy Birthday to me!

I would say I'm done having birthday parties, but next year is my 30th so it'll definitely be my biggest one yet!

After spending the night in the hospital waiting for stitches I was beyond pissed off at EVERYONE who was involved in the fight. Tom sent me a very long heartfelt video apologizing for everything that went down meanwhile Kristen was unapologetic.

So yes obviously I chose Tom's side because he was sooooooo sorry and it was such a heartfelt and true apology. I apologize for calling him a super pussy. That was mean of me to say and I shouldn’t have. He felt terrible and was extremely genuine in his apology.

The following day I was supposed to meet Lisa at SUR to discuss what happened yet again at my birthday party. She got held up at PUMP, with the opening around the corner, and wasn't able to make it. Obviously I am not going to show up at SUR without backup after what went down the night before, so I brought Shay. It's funny because everyone comes into SUR for dinner when they aren't working -- Katie and Kristina included.

Let's talk about Jax. Why does he think the tattoos are a good idea? I mean it's literally laughable. New girlfriend, new tattoo. I mean he knows it's not going to last, so why get the tattoo? His answer? "Well I can just cover it up." Haha. Good point, but still. I love Jax and he's one of my closest friends, he just doesn't always think. I felt terrible for Carmen watching that scene because she's someone I've gotten close with over the past year and I'll miss her being a part of our group.

The scene with Schwartz and Lisa made me smile. I love Schwartz. He's so charming. How could Lisa say no to that face? The fight was nowhere near his fault. He was trying to break it up when Kristen started pounding on his face. The whole fight was so unnecessary and never should have never gone on as long as it did. It literally ended and started back up like four times all across the entire restaurant. No place was safe. All Schwartz was trying to do was break it up.

The meeting at PUMP was scary. I knew I did nothing wrong so I wasn't worried, but anytime Lisa calls a meeting, it usually isn't for a good reason. Kristen gets suspended every other month so that wasn't very shocking, but James getting fired was not something I was expecting. Now I see that Tom did start the fight, so I feel for James because I get it. What are you supposed to do when another guy hits your face but hit him back?

Until next week..."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo