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Must-See Video: Stassi Schroeder Pranks 'Vanderpump Rules' Superfan!

A few weeks ago LALATE reported that Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroder was working on her own spin-off show which was reportedly being produced by Lisa Vanderpump. The format of the show is allegedly similar to MTV's Punk'd. This past weekend, Bravo released a video of Stassi pranking a #PumpRules superfan as a Halloween special, is a sneak peek of what's to come? Prepare to be #VANDERPranked below!

via Bravo

Sure, you've been out to dinner and have spotted your favorite celebrity dining across the room. But what happens if that star goes crazy and hurls accusations—right to your face—that your boyfriend is being unfaithful?

That actually happened to one unwitting woman in Los Angeles on a recent afternoon, but it was all in good fun to celebrate the return of Vanderpump Rules (and Halloween, of course!). Armed with a crew of hidden cameras, we called upon Stassi Schroeder and Bevy Smith to pull the ultimate prank on one Bravo super fan. The results are dramatic, suspenseful, and hilarious—watch below.

First, some backstory on what happened: we sourced a Vanderpump Rules fan to be the target of a prank, thanks to the help of her boyfriend. The upside? She got to meet Stassi! The downside: she was pulled into an elaborate fake storyline that involved her boo pretending to be romantically involved with Jax's ex. And when Stassi saw her guy eating lunch with his real girlfriend, all hell broke loose—Stassi-style.

Bravo nor Stassi have conformed or denied these rumors about potential #PumpRules spin-off.

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Vanderpump Rules airs Mondat nights at 9/8c on Bravo!

Source/Video Credit: Bravo