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Listen To Scheana Marie's New Single 'Shake That'

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie is back with a new single—the reality star has teamed up with her hubby Mike Shay to create the track, a club-ready banger called "Shake That." Listen to the hot dance track below!

Scheana was inspired by Top 40 radio when creating the track, specifically, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea's inescapable summer smash "Problem."

The cover art, meanwhile, takes artistic cues from Britney Spears' latest album Britney Jean.

Britney's 2013 album. (photo Credit: R/R)

“Britney has always been my idol,” the reality star tells In Touch Weekly. “But I wasn’t even trying to make it a Britney picture at first! I knew I wanted neon colors in the cover, so when I had Googled artwork with neon, the ‘Britney Jean’ album cover was one of the things that came up and I was like, ‘Oh, what if I just kind of recreate that picture?’ I’m really happy with how it came out.”

Of the track, Scheana says: “It’s my favorite song I’ve done so far. How can I top it?”

And guess who else is a secret fan? “Lisa [Vanderpump] even likes it, so that means a lot to me!” she adds.

But Scheana is the first to admit that she doesn't expect fans to say she's the next Adele or Aretha. "I'm not that great of a singer," she tells the Dish. Still, she does hope it gets fans to storm the dance floor: "It's a tweaking song!"

Scheana—who tied the knot with Mike this year—says it was a blast to collaborate with her husband. "To actually do a song that was not only produced by him, but also features him on it, was so much fun because we were in the booth recording together, singing together.

And she's thrilled with the final result. "I have some good producers," she says. "A little tweaking of the vocals, some auto-tune...anyone can make a good song if you have good producers. Let's be honest!"

Watch Scheana talk about her new single below.

What do you think of Scheana's new song? Love it or hate it? Tell us!

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